Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Geometry — H — Angles in Parallel Lines v2. Knowing these feelings aren’t isolated to only yourself is important. GCSE Specifications find out exactly what the examiners could ask you, so you know exactly what you need to revise Videos if you need a different point of view on a topic, or you have missed a lesson, or you want to go over something again at your own pace, these videos should help. This is really helpful. Do you update all these with questions that have come up recently in exam papers?

People are often very excited and dare I say vulnerable when they start a new post. Anonymous May 4, at It’s important to note that any predicted paper from any website is logical and systematic guess work at best and may not be the topics which come up on the actual exam. Sign in Sign up. Geometry — H — Reflections v2.

I think it’s important to say some of these ideas below will be nothing new. It will be very helpful for me.


Happy New Year Mel and the team, hope you are well. I will make available as a zip file when the solutions are all done. Statistics — H — Cumulative Frequency v2.

Just what we need. S tatistics — H — Histograms v2.

C1 Questions by Topic

Do you have any for problems solving? It would be great if i can check my answers,have you managed to get the answers yet? Worksheets Homeworks Skill Review.

aqa homework sheet surds

Elaine May 10, at Anonymous February 20, at 9: Hi Dominic — yes you are correct. Sandie February 13, at Thank-you very much for collating this fantastic resource.

AQA | Diagnostic Questions

All of these factors are common to any teacher who is new to school, even if homewodk have been teaching over 20 years. Algebra — H — Equation of surdss Straight Line v3. Quadratics, rearranging formula and identities. Gemma December 11, at 7: Russell March 10, at 6: Make sure you mark your work when you have finished, so you know if you have cracked it! JustMathsMel January 5, at You may be asked to carry out a calculation.


aqa homework sheet surds

Thank you so so much! Anonymous April 17, at 8: On the Algebraic Proof Question 4 your answers prove it using consecutive terms. Mark Ritchings November 12, at 5: Scale diagrams and bearings. Just checking the solution on Simultaneous Higher Q3.

STICKY! Exam questions by topic – HIGHER TIER – version 2 | – JustMaths

JustMathsMel January 7, at 9: Thank you very much for these! Use these in class, or set for homework and assessments. Hi can you please write up the solutions for the volume of prism etc topic test please. This doesn’t mean it won’t appear on paper 2.

Deb April 16, at 5: Proof of circle theorems in not new.

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