Before a child is born, the first sound it hears is the heartbeat of its mother and then her voice. One of their advertising slogans is as follows:. How emotions influence acting through music 3. According to a series of tests he found out that music in general does not have the same meaning for everyone. The reason for this kind of classification is that the function and the kind of listening depend on the place where it is played and not on the musical characteristics Haber,. In the second phase the listening to the message of the music. Publish now – it’s free.

The company DMX sells music for almost every situation in life. The following example shall elaborate this idea: Background music in the car. Latest findings about brain and music 9. Background music includes as well live-music in a restaurant as music that is heard while washing the dishes, driving or learning.

Low sound intensity, slow tempi, soft accentuations, small range in the melody and simple harmonies are musical characteristics of calm sounding music.

This will be done by looking at several musical tests that have been done in the past to influence the human being. A person tends to have a positive and open attitude when he or she hears or experiences something he or she is fond of Raab, p.

As long as we are located in a sunny place we feel warmth. The result is that the women perceive the birth as being less painful Gembris, p. The subject will be determined in consultation with the thesis supervisor.


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The article deals with the different kinds of manipulation of background music on the human being. When the rhythm is accentuated and has a dominant function in the music, the listener will feel an impulse to agitate or to move. The listener does not focus completely on the music. A proof for the latter is that music is accepted as an important tool of marketing strategies in society.

Begleitbrief Abstract The article deals with the different kinds of manipulation of tthesis music on the human being. A few Counter-arguments against the studies above 7.

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How publicity works compared to background music 4. When phase 3 has been reached, behavioral control through music has taken place. On the other side there are musical characteristics that are more calming than activating. On the one hand music bfm has to correspond to the musical tastes of the listeners in order to have an effect or influence them.

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Here the singing voice has been eliminated. This experiment has been done in different cultures. We enter a department store with the intention of buying goods. Heiner Gembris explains that it is possible to use background music to facilitate or release stress, anger, fear or pain.

Speech Feature Enhancement for Environments with Background Music

North American Indians use music in their rituals to cure ill people. In that way it is hoped that the consumer will sooner or later decide to buy that product Scheier, p.


This impulse can change into a dance, increased communication, mass events, or other common actions Hesse, p. Music can have a lot of impact on our organism and psyche.

Emotions as a process 4. Music makes everything better.

Filmwissenschaft Von der Music Hall zur Filmfarce. When and where are we influenced by background music?

They defend their marketing idea as being a fact that has been proven to work at any time at any place in the world for a specific event. This is supposed to come from the early experiences of people in their infancy.

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Horst-Peter Hesse is aware of the fact that all psychological processes are dependent on social norms, personal and past experiences in that the human being is born into. The frequency bands have been cut in order to fit the bandwidth of to Hz. One of their advertising slogans is as follows:.

bachelor thesis bgm

From influence to control by using background music- musical studies on the influences of music on test subjects 5. Background music in movies 5.

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