Undergraduate Research and Capstone Project Manual. Faculty advisers should handle at most 7 group advisees at one term. Contents of Spine should include the following: This chapter serves as a backgrounder for readers to have an overview of the study even without prior reference to other publications on the topic. This is why students need good advisers who will teach them on: Must be physically present during the proposal and final oral presentation to provide support and clarifications for and in behalf of the team. Usually it includes the phases and its sub-phase of the systems development life cycle.

D Research Instructor Introduction The purpose of this document is to serve as a guide to students and thesis and capstone project advisers in the preparation, documentation and oral examination of the Thesis of BS Computer Science and the Capstone Project of the BS Information Technology students. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It is the duty of the adviser to check whether or not the capstone project is ready for oral examination. Hence, the listing must be correct. In a few words, list the target platform s. Compliance to appropriate administrative procedures in the development, completion and approval of the project study is a responsibility of the College Dean. Otherwise, the chairman will be selected on collegial basis.

Preparation of Tables a. If used, make it brief and centered in one page.

Students should preferably work in teams of three 3 members. Appendices may include the following: Use existing games’ classifications from magazines and awards as a guide. The following should ca;stone strictly observed. Researching Information System and Porject. A brief executive summary discussing the following should be presented in key phrases bulleted style: It includes conversion and integration plan, database installation, system testing, user training and other production activities.


The first will be on the presentation of their proposal which is on the second semester of their third year under the subject Special Project I.

Describe the game to the readers for them to understand how they will play the game. Bibliography This is a list of works cited, as well as works consulted but not cited in the construction of the research or capstone project.

capstone project ched

Title or caption is set below the figure. Give each row and column a heading so the reader knows to what it refers. This may be but not limited to application development that focuses on software engineering processes or application design that focuses on effective testing procedure or a study on application development processes.

Capstone Project Ched Format – [PPTX Powerpoint]

Text, tables and figures must be presented in black ink only. However, it should not be too detailed that you end up repeating or lifting practically the discussion from different sources. Pattern Recognition and Data Mining; k. Cover Page and Spine a.

Mobile Computing Systems; b. All figures must be well explained in the text. It is the duty of the adviser to check whether or not the capstone project is ready for oral examination. This page contains the title of the research, name of proponents fapstone statement regarding the qualification for which the research is submitted.


Five 5 hard bound and three 2 electronic copy stored in CD-RW.

Revised guidelines-ICS theses | Lien Nhoj Capule –

A student asked to revise the capstone project but not to defend it a second time, will be considered to have passed the oral examination. If projfct arises, a technical consultant may be allowed subject upon the approval of the Department Chairperson.

It’s a summary of the features alluded to in the description. It is more than an annotated bibliography or a summary, because you are organizing and presenting your sources in terms of their overall relationship to your study.

capstone project ched

Keep a projecf book recording all project work carried out and details of their project – dates, results, references, calculations etc. Be explicit as to whether an existing theory will be verified or another theory will be developed or proposed; c. System Analysis and Design e.

Capstone Project Ched Format

The importance of developing a software application or technology to solve specific systems need, iii. Cjed students may be asked to one of the following: The document must be signed by the Chairman of the Panel, the panelist, the Adviser, the College Dean.

Text must be justified on both sides. The department chairman will notify all parties on the exact date, time and venue of the defense.

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