You should register for the thesis in the semester you intend to begin work with your Thesis advisor on the proposal. There is also the problem of employee benefits should it produce in order to meet certain ethical standards. These nuances are best conveyed in the context of a close working relationship. Reading and research in an approved topic under the guidance of a faculty member in the Communication department. Finding other students who are writing their theses can also be a good source of encouragement.

Up one level Doctoral Degree Requirements. It is connected to the candidate’s research interest and is expected to break new ground by providing a bridge between what is known from research and what needs to be done in practice. It is your responsibility. Many faculty members, along with the School of Graduate Studies staff, are ready to support you. Only with permission does the library mount your thesis on a University Web Server. Today, almost all literature searches begin with but are not limited to! In some departments, the committee must consist entirely of department members; in others, you may select qualified individuals from outside the department or even outside the university.

Listed in Figure are major steps in the thesis process. Nonetheless, you should find it to be a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

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ccsu graduate thesis handbook

As the results are examined and initial hypotheses or expectations confirmed or negated, tehsis begin to understand, hanndbook clearly than ever before, the human side of the research enterprise. This copy is returned to your department. Indeed, the Master’s degree has traditionally identified one as both an intelligent consumer of information and as a contributor to the field of study. However, lack of sustained commitment can make completion of a thesis take years.


Regularly talk with your advisor about your ideas.

All theses should be based on the compilation of knowledge and skills acquired throughout the student s graduate program.

Committee members will theesis you to explain what you did, what you found, and what it means, and to discuss your research intelligently in the context of others’ findings in the area. If the student and the advisor deem it appropriate, another faculty member may be appointed by the department chair to serve as thesis advisor. For investigatory or experimental theses, the next section of your proposal F describes the methodology you will use.

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Without such ccsh, you can get stuck at some point in your research and have no one to help you. Master s Thesis Procedure These guidelines have been prepared to assist you in the successful completion of your master s thesis program. Again, looking at the titles of the theses listed in Chapter 4 will give you an idea of the specificity of the typical thesis.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

A complete description of how to use the various electronic databases is beyond the scope of this manual, but Burritt Library provides specific instructions on using the many databases on Consuls and in the reference section third floor of the library, as well as regularly offering classes in search techniques. Chapter 3 describes the specific components of the thesis proposal.

It also ensures that many people give credit to you for your work and that your research may be cited in others publications, which adds to your prestige and can help your future advancement. Once the CREG fee is paid, students may be assured that student loans will not be recalled by loan agencies.


Ed.D in Educational Leadership

Wilkening, f anderson, n. Relationship of study to related research and analysis of pertinent research literature review E. For ease of presentation, however, steps are discussed in the order shown.

Please consult with the reference librarian for further information. How is your proposed research a contribution to the field? Thank you to Professor Marc Goldstein of the Psychology Department for his help in preparing the first iteration of this handbook. Start display at page:. Go home and tell your significant other, family or friends to celebrate with you.

Given this lack of uniformity regarding what a thesis is and the resulting anxiety it invokes in students! If it seems that a possible topic would take a long time to complete assuming regular effort cczu, you should consider narrowing the topic or selecting another topic.

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The final section of the two outlines includes references mentioned in your proposal or the beginning bibliography H. Often it is valuable to have individuals whose skills lie in different but complementary areas. Casework, Group Work, Community More information.

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