The fleet captains and CP are very approachable. All times are GMT Having hired airline industry personnel, including Pilots, Flight Attendants, Ramp Maintenance Technicians, and Customer Service professionals, as well as corporate office personnel for a major airline, Ms. Again, they have way’s of finding out so it is in your best interests to be brutally honest. Aviation Cover Letter Example – resume-resource. The way I did it with Air NZ was to start applying when my wife said Kiwi and i decided to move to Godzone permanently.

Page 1 of GusHoneybun , 30th Oct You’ll be able to PM me by the time you come down here so I can fill you in on some ways and means that I kep to the PM’s and emails. One of the best ways to get attention for your resume is with a well-written airline pilot cover letter. Most Wannabes will look to sponsorships as their preferred method of getting into aviation. Last edited by KoruPilot; at

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I am a relative newbee and the amount of bullshit and negativity ppruje comes from other pilots is absolutely astounding. Print the letter on the same paper you used for your CV.

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Just picked up 12 new hires and I can see quite a few more by years end if everything works out. Blank CV templates for Aviation industry CV are made by our professional resume experts and its design and efficiency gives you an edge. I have never posted on any thread that mentions my course as I do not want to be seen to be advertising, but I thought I would just post something here to put down the other side to this thread and make a few points.


This is unlikely to ever happen for a couple reasons. Possibly Pete could put some of his wisdom in to this.

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Find More Posts by WhiskeyNovember. There are probably lots of reasons buried deep within his lizard brain, but a big reason is also because you allow it.

There seems to be a number of airlines where the letter should be addressed to a female member of the team, but only their name is given – no rank or marital status. Stick to one page. How is Skywest to cober for? Last edited by VirginSkid; 16th Jan at Responsibility and Reliability Determination Team work Dedication Be sure to use spell check, correct email address and phone numbers, and a well balanced and professional cover letter.

Check out Alaska Airlines, Inc. I am not saying that everyone should fover for some kind of instruction in this field, far from it. What are the main points I need to include in my letter?

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As for Pilot Pete’s Inspirational qualities. There will also be a bunch more hiring in OZ as they bring on the ERJ’s and they start the international operation with the B’s.


The time now is I need to move there just to save airfares. Great guy’s and the pilot in the right seat is very pprue there to help you out.

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The example in our LiveCareer cover letter builder can Click here to find out how you can support the site File Types: Last edited by Tweet46; at Civer they are hiring. Preparing A Professional Pilot Resume. Other companies look for the “cookie-cutter” individual who conforms to exacting characteristics.

Most Wannabes will look to sponsorships as their preferred method of getting into aviation.

cover letter pprune

However the cv content does count aswell. Koru is always a great source of info on the region. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein.

NJ takes a bashing! For the majority of Wannabes who do not get a sponsorship, the CV is the primary method of contact with prospective employer airlines. Don’t worry about your citizenship covr you can live and work here forever with a PR Visa. Schedule 90 minute study sessions:

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