Among the demands voiced was the resignation of Ponta, tied within the protesters’ ranks to corruption and official indifference. In , with the rank of colonel, he began commanding the royal escort regiment. She also said the two had been friends until Panait accused Ponta of influence peddling due to what he saw as the latter’s involvement with underworld figures. A Comparative Study,” Co-existence, Vol. He was elected to the board of his city in and holds the position of Vice President.

An Insurmountable Obstacle to Mutual Reconciliation? Political Theory and Political Reality” eds. In late October , a deadly nightclub fire sparked ample street protests. General Rules and Exceptions,” Skira Hodshit, no. Member of Editorial Board, Trauma and Memory. Main Candidates in the Presidential Elections,” ibid. Although members of parliament voted in favor of the motion and only voted against it, the motion fell short of the necessary votes.

Minister of Industry and Commerce — It also coincided with a considerable economic boom in Romania. A Comparative Study,” Co-existence, Vol. Ruling Party Formalizes Relations with the Extremists,” ibid.

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victod Referendum According to Constitutional Court. Meanwhile, Ponta was the subject of controversy due to allegations of plagiarism in his doctoral thesis. He was a staunch opponent of the fascist Iron Guard and may have been the real power behind the throne during the dictatorship of King Carol II.


Iuliu Maniu Romanian pronunciation: Ponta I Cabinet 7 May – 21 December He served as War Minister from August 6, to Cilrbea 7, Between andhe served as Minister of Industries and Commerce in Victor Ciorbea ‘s government.

Born in Bucharest, he served as a second lieutenant during the Second Balkan War in That institution’s rector replied to an enquiry by stating an internal verification had revealed Ponta was never at the University of Catania. He was awarded the Order of the Star of Romania. For the artist, see Gheorghe Tattarescu.

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Member of Editorial Board, Trauma and Memory. ISBN The denazification myth and its use in the Gulag- Holocaust competitive martirology], in Caietele Echinox, Vol. Assumed office 10 March He lived in house that he had built himself on Dacia Boulevard in Bucharest.

Currently, he is the deputy head of the European Political Strategy Centre[1]. An Interim Report,” ibid. He retired inbut after the communists came to power, he was captured and put in prison in In curriculu, he was promoted to divisional general.

curriculum vitae victor ciorbea

Retrieved from ” https: The Franz Kafka Society, pp. He was decorated with the Order of Michael the Brave. Views Read Edit View history. She also said the two had been vittae until Panait accused Ponta of influence peddling due to what he saw as the latter’s involvement with underworld figures.


Victor Ponta

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats —present. It was during his term the first electric tramways circulated in Bucharest.

curriculum vitae victor ciorbea

He became the first National Liberal prime minister since However, the move drew criticism from its head, Horia-Roman Patapievicias well as from other artists and cultural figures who feared the institute would become politicized. He belonged to an ancient Wallachian family, one of whose members had been banished in the 17th century by Prince Matei Basarab, and had settled in Moldavia.

After he finished his high school studies in Romania, he went to Prussia in to study in the German military academies and inwith the approval of the Romanian government, he joined the Prussian Army as a Sub-Lieutenant. Member of Editorial Board, Sfera politicii Prime Ministers of Romania.

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