Bull and boar spermatozoa capacitated in the presence of PTX attached to homologous zonae with comparable efficiency as did solvent-pretreated sperm. Fragen und Kommentare an: This “Encyclopedia of Terms” amounts to 12 printed pages. Roland Rudolph Second Referee: The results of the examination were written down on a standardized examination file. Peter Siegfried Glatzel Second Referee:

Fragen und Kommentare an: A non-specific effect of PTX on spermatozoa affecting the cell? Fragen und Kommentare an: The clinical cure rate on day 14 was Therefore, ultrasonic examination as a single test method to detect mammary tumours is not suitable, but still helpful in the identification of a palpable lumb relating to origin, connection to the surrounding tissue and structure. In order to interest as wide a group of users as possible with and elicit a good response, and taking into account current development within the IT community, programming of this multimedia textbook has been performed in such a way in HTML and JavaScript to allow for both online and offline usage by Internet and CD-ROM.

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Ultrasonic pictures were routinely taken at every nipple and at exactly defined points between the nipples. Fragen und Kommentare an: The concentration of lactoferrin was significantly lower in quarters with only limited tissue alterations than in quarters with medium or severe belrin p Table of Contents Download the whole PhDthesis as a zip-tar file or as zip-File For download in PDF format click the chapter title.

It could be established that PTX-treatment of spermatozoa from different species does not result in a functional uncoupling. Technical terms are also integrated into the text with hyperlinks to their definition, and indeed a complete dictionary of all technical terms.


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Clinically bfrlin yet apparent mammary tumours were not detected by the ultrasonic examination. Within a group of several ZP3 receptor candidates, b-1,4-galactosyltransferase is supposed to be involved in the activation of Gi-proteins and the induction of the acrosome reaction. Goetz Hildebrandt Second Referee: It should be used after isolation of the causative agent and the determination of its antimicrobial resistance pattern.

FU Berlin Digitale Dissertation. Since the DLG was refounded in it has continued to pursue its goal to improve the quality standard of German food.

Wolfgang Heuwieser Second Referee: Bull and boar spermatozoa capacitated in the presence of PTX attached to homologous zonae with comparable efficiency as did solvent-pretreated sperm.

As the target group stretches from butcher? A non-specific effect of PTX on spermatozoa affecting the cell? The entire text contains approximately printed pages. Clinical cure rates did not ebrlin between cases with vefmed without no bacteria isolated. A differentiation between benign and malign tumours could not be made with ultrasonic examination.

Additionally, clinically recognisable nodules were ultrasonographically checked and measured. Titelblatt, Inhaltsverzeichnis, Lebenslauf, Danksagung 1. Abstract Table of Contents More Information. Milk samples were cultured for microbiological investigation on days 0, 7, 14 and The antimicrobial activity in milk has been described by many authors. Mastoparan induced the acrosome reaction to comparable extent in PTX pre-treated and non pre-treated boar spermatozoa.


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Material und Methoden 4. This multimedia textbook was conceived for the instruction at universities, universities for applied science, vocational schools, and technical training centres, but also as a practical help for the butcher?

dissertation fu berlin vetmed

Fragen und Kommentare an: The aim of this work was to examine systematically the influence of PTX on G-proteins involved in the acrosome reaction ARemploying functional and biochemical assays to differentiate the toxin? Experiment 2 was conducted on a dairy farm with approximately cows and a rolling herd average of approximataly kg. This “Encyclopedia of Terms” amounts to 12 printed pages.

On average animals were treated 3. Crossbred dogs were most affected by the mammary tumors. The results of this examination were compared with the results of the palpatoric, pathologic – anatomical and histological examination.

Abstract The participation of G-proteins belonging to the Gi-family in the induction of the acrosome reaction has been discussed for a long time using pertussis toxin PTX as a cell biological tool for the investigations carried out for this purpose. This body of work describes the experience gained in developing the programme and documents the final results. A final diagnosis of the primary multiplicity in an early stage is only possible when using histological examination.

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