Socializing on the Net. Information provided in this way is often simple and easy to understand. The night before heading back, the group had a barbecue on the beach. Start by writing the details of the event accordingly such as what the event was, when it was held, who organized the event, who joined the event, and who were invited. The diet, habitat, health and training aspects of the pet also need to be looked into. One of the ways is by recycling, especially in every household.

Pay someone to write my essay for me Fri Jan 26, Explain the disadvantages of social media. Peter Willson 17 May at Hit-and-run — of a road accident caused by a driver who does not stop to help. Thus, they will lack communication skills when they communicate with people in the real world.

Another benefit of watching television is that it is a good way to de-stress after a tiring day. Make sure you have included all the points given in the question. One day, his school was having a blood donation campaign and the students were urged to donate blood.

english essay examples pt3

Many animal and plant species have disappeared. Better yet, you can collect water in a basin and wash the dishes in this. If we do not start using water carefully,- one day we may not even have enough drinking water. This will enable you to complete your revision.


If you practise courtesy from a young age, it will become a way of life for you. We should respect our parents because they did everything they could for us.

Enlgish is very patient with the students. Lastly, you should queue up while waiting for the bus. Write a recount about the convocation day. Explain the disadvantages of social media.

english essay examples pt3

Social networking over the Internet can become quite addictive. Describe what happened in your story. Who knows, one day, we too might need an organ replacement and because of the kindness of others, our damaged organ could be replaced, allowing us to live longer. Faizal would like to donate his blood too. We do not have to spend any money to do this but our actions can give people longer leases on their lives. Write your composition based on the outline. There were also some species that we were not familiar with.

Please share more like that Kind – giving up a seat – elderly, disabled, a pregnant woman. This way of washing cars uses a lot of water. The driver was also fine and the exampes was able to claim the insurance. Use vegetable and fruit peelings and garden waste like leaves to make compost.


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Observing your safety should be your priority, so I hope that everyone will keep themselves safe. Choose your friends well. Essay of energy diwali in hindi smoking persuasive essay vocabulary list. They also pick up bad habits such as smoking.

For World Environment Day, your principal has asked you to talk to the school about conservation.

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Getting involved in a hobby keeps the mind active and alert. Write a recount about the incident and describe what happened. For those of you who haven’t been doing much, I hope esswy will start today. They also teach us life lessons that are not taught in schools. Seldom do we see people offering to help others in need. Write essay for me Tue Jan 23,

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