The verse has fewer letters, and is easy to pronounce. They think that supremacy of law is sacrosanct. Tazir punishments vary according to the circumstances. Clause 42 describes different kinds of shajjah , viz , Shajjah – i – khafif , Shajjah – i – Mudihah , Shajjah – i – Hashimah , Shajjah – i – Munaqqilah , Shajjah – i – ammah and Shajjah – i – Dimigha , whereas Clauses 44, 45, 48, 50, 52 and 54 prescribe punishment for various kinds of shajjah. In certain other works it connotes, “persons or soliders whose names are entered in one register”. This really existing nature has equipped itself with powers and instruments to ward off harmful and destructive influences from itself, because it loves existence, and repels all things which could deprive it of life. The principle enunciated in the proposed Ordinance is not practicable because before exercising the right of private defence in respect of the life chastity or property of another person, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain first whether he is a masum aldam or masum ; or qhair masum aldam or qhair masum.

It can be used as guide for how an individual acts in society and how one group interacts with another. How is it that it allows to kill someone who intends to kill but has not killed yet, but forbids killing the man who intended to kill and killed? It also referred to the Egyptian connections in that case as “Islamic Fundamentalists. Their objections may be summarized as follows:. The distinction between hurts of shajjah Clause 41 and of jurh Clause 55 will often lead to confusion in the Law Courts, make the trial of cases complicated, cause delay in their disposal and lead to accumulation of arrears in the Law Courts, thus defeating the main and primary object of the Government to provide speedy and inexpensive justice to the public. The last three crimes are mentioned but no specific punishment is found. This clause is so obviously inexpedient that it does not require any detailed comments.


The religion of Islam and the government are one. There are some safeguards for Had crimes that many in the media fail to mention.

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The Quran may not have all the information about behavior and human interaction in detail; the Qisaa gives more detailed information than the Quran. Be that as it may; the present draft Law of Qisas and Diyat rests mainly upon the concept of payment of Diyat by the Aqila.

A country sacrifices its progress to arm itself with some sophisticated military hardware; and then its adversaries try to acquire even more advanced arms. It unambiguously shows by what means the desired result can be obtained: O ye who believe! The only guiding principle for judges under Sharia Law is that they must answer to Allah and to the greater community of Muslims. In reality, the judges have much ezsay flexibility than judges under common law.

Suratul Baqarah: Verses – | Al-Mizan An Exegesis of the Qur’an, vol 2 |

Let us say that what qissas advanced nations have legislated is good for their society. Western writers often point to the inflexible nature of Islamic Law.

essay on qisas

Obviously, it is the retaliation that essa to life, and not the killing. The powers exercisable by the President and the Governors to grant pardon, reprieve and respite etc, seem to be essential and may be retained particularly with regard to cases wherein gross miscarriage of justice has taken place. Rahman and late Hamoodur Rahman,Chief Justices,respectively, did not essya the substitution of existing penal laws by new Statutes. Capital punishment is based on hard-heartedness and desire of revenge.

Likewise, whoever slays any person, it is as though he slew all men – looking at the reality of his existence.

Suratul Baqarah: Verses 178 – 179

A Muslim who is trying to live his religion is indeed a true believer in God. This is the punishment for a murder which causes corruption in the land Fasad-fil-Araz. There is a never-ending race for armaments:.

essay on qisas

Civil laws and penal codes follow the trends of society. Some in the Western media have used the “New York City bombings” as a way to increase hate and prejudice. For example, a computer crime or theft of computer time is not found in the Quran or Sunna.


The punishment system is comparable to the determinate sentence imposed by some judges in the United States. Moreover, death penalty has not been legislated for revenge only; it serves also to train general public in good character and to shut the door of mischief in the society. Islamic Law and Jurisprudence is not always understood by the western press.

Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

Human nature disapproves the idea of a life for a life, when a man looks at this matter from the point of view of mercy and service to humanity. By the time some conclusion is arrived at it may be too late. The present structure of Penal Laws in the Country consists of a esssay and closely inter-related combination of three Statutes viz, the Pakistan Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Evidence Act, which have been in force for almost a century.

They are free to create new and innovative methods to solve crime and social problems based upon the concepts found in the ijma.

Sharia Law controls, rules, and regulates all public and private behavior. There are over 1. When that stage no reached, capital punishment may give way to remission – with the law of retaliation keeping its basic position unaltered. Its literal translation is: The assumption of the punishment is that a greater “evil ” will be prevented in the future if you punish this offender now. Sharia is only applicable to Muslims.

The first and primary element of Sharia Law is the Quran.

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