Over all it was a nice experience and the way it was carried out was interesting. Do you know anything about petroleum eating bacteria? Can someone please tell me if there is any dress code for interview? Family background related questions What you must do? Sahil Kapoor I am sahil kapoor and i have done b.

I should have clarified on that. All 3 members stressed me by giving different examples. Do you know anything about stem cells? Mine was also of the same duration c. What does Jihad mean? I said Yes which i think i shudnt hv said I was able to answer all the questions and satisfy them.

Guys Please ask to come-in first and then greet.

ACIO Essay Topics

Interviews were lasting for minutes b. I should have clarified on that.

Contributions fot Ambedkar to Indian freedom struggle — I concentrated on the Constitution drafting part and threw light on social justice, mentioning that he came to the freedom struggle scene at a later stage.


Sharing is good karma Facebook Twitter. Me-I Like watching movies and reading from time to time. Internal security IS related questions: So nothing to worry.

expected essay topics for ib acio 2013

Do you know Hindi? What was the reason for Muzaffarnagar riots. And 10 Ques on English.

expected essay topics for ib acio 2013

All the Best guys. Moreover their hospitality and approach was good. After a lot of research, we have tried to compile a list of recent topics in news. And so, they want to make the process as simple as possible.

I was the 22nd candidate to be interviewed. The board was very helpful.

You may mail me your doubts to. They asked everyone to write a paragraph of the essay written in examination inorder to match the handwriting. My interview lasted for mins.

ACIO Essay Topics – Competition Digest

What is naxalism, terrorism? They r actually very cooperative. We reached by 9 am in the morning but my interview came at 2 pm. PANEL-3 3 persons were there, one was from north east but he didnt ask anything.


expected essay topics for ib acio 2013

Now My no came at Even if you did not prepare anything, do not tense. Verification guys are very co-operating. From what we know, there is no negative marking in the ACIO paper. Any queries, post here. After wishing the board gud morning I took my seat, first question was about my aico. I answered all the questions satisfactorily. Can you explain what is genetic engg?

Srivastav my interview was on 16th jan in chennai. I was the 3rd person to be interviewed. Modern History Hindi English Maths: Are you preparing for civil services or any other exams?

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