Its sweet is usually popular among the teenagers. Secondary three Notes These resources have aided in completing my coursework. Leavening — is able to produce stable foam that has tiny gas bubbles. My thoughts and feelings on whether I have achieved the task requirements. Assemble in order as above.

An egg also contains a small amount of glucose sugar and can thus perform Mallard-browning. By combining 2 pieces of information together, you are less likely to plagiarize. Fortunately, I could save the situation and hide the holes with strawberries. Another reason that I should consider when choosing these dishes is my budget — Some of my peers are cooking the same dish as me like one of my friend who is cooking the custard. So I assume that this dish on the whole should be served to pregnant women because they are pregnant and also supporting another life inside them.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework

Leavening — is able to produce stable foam that has tiny gas bubbles. Emulsifying — eggs contain emulsifier and the substance named lecithin.

These mineral and vitamins present in my custard plays an important role in the manufacturing of new cells and genetic materials. Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay?

I took out the cake and left it to cool down for five minutes.

Drizzle and spoon caramel over the custard. However, I have tried really hard to cover up my mistakes with pouring caramel and decorating my dish with strawberries. I will take some photos of the finished dishes to prove that I have done my Practical Exam.


Eggs in cakes also act as leavening agent, causing the cake to entrap air during mixing as a result of the stretching of ovalbumin. Fried eggs like sunny-side up eggs can be crispy at the white edges and softly liquid developmentt the yolk.

Research – Peirce Food & Nutrition

I will also look into how these dishes can be of value to different groups of people. Evaluation The dishes I had prepared were: I wanted to keep the sink clean and to practice hygiene.

Remove cups from oven. I believe that my time management has made me more organized. Some people like Egg Salad made by stirring together chopped hard-boiled eggs with a dressing and other ingredients like shredded chicken and lettuce.

f&n coursework research and development

Context-Based Learning in Physics. Season the developmenh with salt and pepper. This dish is meant for the teenagers. Egg yolk contains lecithin to enable oil and water to be mixed to an emulsion. After deciding the dishes and giving reasons to justify why I choose them, I will write out the recipes of the dishes and list out the equipment and the ingredients that I need. Besides that, listing down the ingredients will also help me to know what are the purchases I need to make and what ingredients can be brought from home.

Drizzle and spoon any remaining caramel in cup over the custard. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, heat up milk. These minerals and vitamins provide essential amount of energy. Cool for 5 to 10 minutes away from draughts before chilling.


f&n coursework research and development

I will write an evaluation on my strengths and weaknesses. I will select the best four or five dishes from the many ones I plan to list out in Research to prepare for the day of the Practical Exam. What makes a healthy recipe? The chocolate cake needed half an hour for it to fully bake and rise into a beautiful bake.

f&n coursework research and development

I have also given some related information for these key factors. I made the cake look presentable and appetizing.

One large hard-boiled egg only contains 78 calories and 5. At their crucial age, they should consume lesser cholesterol value food rfsearch high cholesterol may result in heart diseases like high blood cholesterol and hypertension.

This substance present enables the oil and water to be mixed to the reaction known as emulsion. For example if I were to reseaarch a salad dish, including quail eggs, how will this dish provide the essential the important nutrients and to which group of people will it be served for.

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