Some of the materials needed for this course are presented in Canvas. Notify me of new posts via email. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I read course discussion posts and mail every morning when possible, and will aim to respond within 24 hours. This course must be viewed using one of the following browsers: The map to the left was created for my final project.

What will be expected of you? Deferred Grades If you are prevented from completing this course within the prescribed amount of time for reasons that are beyond your control, it is possible to have the grade deferred with the concurrence of the instructor, following Penn State Deferred Grade Policy Perform spatial and attribute queries. In case of weather-related delays at the University, this online course will proceed as planned. I was able to make decisions and navigate the software easily because of the numerous exercises that we completed in the course. Some of the materials needed for this course are presented in Canvas.

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geog 483 problem solving with gis

Geography consists of readings, hands-on projects, quizzes, and discussions concerned with the ways in which geographic information systems facilitate data analysis and communication to address common geographic problems.

A problem with your Internet access may not be used as an excuse for late, missing, or incomplete coursework. Critique the design, layout, symbology, etc. I had to convert all the vector to raster data in addition to adhering to the criterion above. Perform basic spatial analysis attribute and spatial queries, buffering, overlays and link those methods together in a more complex analytical model Utilize geocoding to display address locations and recognize spatial patterns within the information Create presentation-quality maps that clearly communicate spatial information and analysis Demonstrate the ability to differentiate between vector and raster data Formulate giw workflow that solves a problem by utilizing silving GIS skills and concepts Lesson Objectives Lesson One: The most difficult part of the exercise was to figure out the percent road areas associated with each study area which was identified when I submitted a workflow to complete this assignment.


Layouts Week 2 Lesson 6 Deliverables: Included in the 12 hours to complete a lesson is time to complete projects and related activities.

Introduction | GEOG Final Project

Complete Lesson 7 Upload and Submit your work on Project 7. Some of the materials needed for this course are presented in Canvas.

Address Geocoding Lesson 4 Deliverables: This is called mixed content. After I received the instructor approved workflow I solvjng able to perform a query on the union of buffered roads and study areas and appropriate calculations that met the roads criteria. The final sites have the above criterion and must be located on private lands.

Welcome to GEOG 483: Problem-Solving with GIS!

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Perform tabular joins and relates using key fields. Together these serve the role of our course “contract. The key to success is to stay on schedule, ask questions, and participate in discussions in the forums. The goal of this map was to find suitable vineyard sites in an area of Napa County that adhered to the following criterion: Students also gain experience in designing and producing effective maps. It was great to create the final map on the left with the overview map showing the private vs.

Counseling and Psychological Services Many students at Penn State face personal challenges or have psychological needs that may interfere with their academic progress, social development, or emotional wellbeing. Please share this letter with your instructors and discuss the accommodations with them as early in your courses as possible. Perform map algebra calculations. Many of the assignments are open for multiple days, so it is your responsibility to complete the work early if you plan to travel or participate in national holidays, religious observances or University approved activities.


Additionally, I am required to make a report on any reasonable suspicion of child abuse in accordance with the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law.

geog 483 problem solving with gis

How much and how well you learn is ultimately up to you. If you need to request an exception sovling to a personal or medical emergency, contact the instructor directly as soon as you are able.

This site uses cookies. Describe table cardinality and its importance in making associations between tables. If you are affected by a weather-related emergency, please contact your instructor at the earliest possible time to make special arrangements.

Welcome to GEOG Problem-Solving with GIS! | GEOG Problem Solving with GIS

In order to receive consideration for reasonable accommodations, you must contact the appropriate disability services office at the campus where you are officially enrolled. Every Penn State campus gego an office for students with disabilities. Your instructor will inform you if there are any extenuating circumstances regarding content or activity due dates in the course due to weather delays.

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