Such long headings may be shortened in the table of contents to fit the requirements of the margins. Zunika binti Osman Contact No: The Graduate School More information. A brief statement of the problem b. The Title Page is counted but not numbered. A specific note which refers to a particular column, row or individual entry: Title Page with coursework..

Use of correction pen or tape is not allowed. Candidates should follow this More information. Guidelines on Writing Research Proposal All research proposals must address the nature of your study, questions of what you plan to accomplish and why you want to and how you are going to do it. Enter the full name beginning with the first name. As of March 24, Th.

iium thesis manual

Do not include titles of honour, rank or position that are associated with the person. When the oversize page is properly folded, the page number will appear in the position where it appears on the standard-size page. The name of the university i. Include any terms of honour in identifying the individual.

iium thesis manual

iiuj Last Name First Entry Elements: It is useful and unique to IIUM as it also includes details on how to cite languages other than English, particularly Arabic and Malay. This should include the ways in which you will gather data and the research plan including the research design, experimental procedures and statistical analysis. A key or scale if included should be placed beside or within the figure. If a definition extends to more than one line, the succeeding lines should be indented 12mm from the left margin.


iium thesis manual

The tool is expected to assist manuaal staff to prevent plagiarism among students. Other punctuation marks are placed outside the quotation marks unless they are part of the quoted material.

Although you eventually More information. Headings may be shortened in the table of contents to fit the requirements of the margins, and the wordings must be consistent enough so that the reader may conveniently rhesis accurately locate any headings.

The thesis must represent a coherent body of original work by the student.


No text should be placed on a page containing a broadside table. Dalhousie Thesis Guidelines 1. Start display at page:. The page number must be centred to the text, not the page, and must be placed at the bottom of the page. Style Preferences 4 V.

IIUM Thesis Manual

Revis To help fulfill the More information. Therefore, students and supervisors are recommended to become thoroughly familiar with the content thesks this manual before embarking on the thesis.

Ahmad, Shahnon Luat anak Jabu Not: When submitted, the oversize page must be one continuous sheet, with nothing glued or taped. Requirements, Academic Regulations TH. The focus of this More information.


Speed Up Your Thesis Writing: IIUM Thesis Formatting Made Easy!

Indicate roughly how you would allocate the time for doing the research project over the duration of your studies. A single listing does not require a separate page and may be listed at the end of the table of contents or at the end of another list.

The regulations contained within have been updated.

Howard University The Graduate School. Entry Element Enter a name that is made up of a number of elements according to the element by which the person is best known. Did she ask, Are you going?

Names belonging to an earlier period may be assumed not to include one. The colour of the cover must be as follows: Each page is counted and numbered as usual. The editing process involves looking at the work in three distinct ways: She asked, Are you going? Tgesis for Transliterating Phrases Section E:

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