Have a great summer! Schooled by Paul Langan. You must answer all questions in order to get full credit. Dual language programs are open to children from throughout Brooklyn, based on language proficiency and interest. Give at least three examples directly from the text to prove your point. How many middle school students scored on the state reading exam?

Who does this school serve? In , Boody adopted the School of One program for almost all math students, knocking down walls and reconfiguring much of the second floor to accommodate it. Discover your best options Middle School High School. The program combines teacher instruction with work on computers, small group work and an online assessment every day. The ELA department is excited for another amazing year! We welcome questions, open discussions, and disagreements but comments with personal attacks, rude language, or those with seemingly malicious intent will be deleted. Those in the zone are automatically eligible for the regular zoned program.

From Demographic Snapshot Enrollment. Give Me Shelter by Tony Bradman. How many students miss 18 or more days of school? Dual language programs are open to children from throughout Brooklyn, based on language proficiency and interest.

The digital arts program includes computer software operation, networking and computer graphics, while the science magnet enables kids to go beyond the standard curriculum to study fields such as marine science and to take the Living Environment Regents in eighth grade.


Boody is a popular school in a residential area of Gravesend with a multi-ethnic mix of students, solid academics and lots of technology.

Homfworkthe student dancers visited museums and then used the artworks they saw to inspire their choreography. From School Quality Guide How many teachers have 3 zummer more years of experience teaching? The most important part will be including text based evidence to prove your thoughts and theories.

Music, a particular strength here, features a jazz band, a concert band, a string orchestra, a string chamber ensemble and a winds ensemble.

zummer This school is Better Near Worse than the citywide average. Students may take the Living Environment, earth science and algebra Regents in 8th grade.

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Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman. A program called STOMP Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program enables students considered at risk to meet with a teacher mentor during lunch once a week to discuss problems they might be having and other issues.

is228 summer homework

How many teachers say the principal is an effective manager? Children must take a test for the magnet program, which is open to students and residents of District A Department of Education report praised the school for engaging students at all academic levels and working to ensure that they mastered the curriculum.

Scorpions uomework Walter Dean Myers.

David A. Boody (I.S. 228)

Is this school safe and well-run? The school offers dual language programs in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Hebrew that are open to students summre anywhere in Brooklyn who know enough of the target language to gain admission. How does this school serve special populations? From School Directories Uniforms required?


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Please post any news, updates, events, changes, or other information! From this ks228 most recent Quality Review Report Are teachers effective? Schooled by Paul Langan. Students are admitted in three ways.

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Higgins the Great by Virginia Hamilton. Accelerated courses offered for high school credit. How many English language learners scored on the state reading exam?

As seventh grade students you have a challenging and rigorous curriculum ahead, and we want you to be prepared. Students in sumer dance program work in many genres with the help of teaching artists.

What was the most important lesson you learned while reading this novel? Comments Is this your school? Again, make sure to include at least three specific details directly from the text to back up what you say. Have a great summer! Location Gravesend District

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