Thanks for the overview! Global Supply Chain and Operations Management. Students who have not completed a minimum six-month internship during their undergraduate studies are required to perform this in the third semester. It also qualifies graduates for the higher levels of German public administration. The programme will also impart skills in independent academic working, intercultural communication as well as knowledge of at least one foreign language to the level of professional exchange.

There are 35 places in most programmes. All applicants with a Non-German Bachelor degree wishing to study at one of the member universities of uni-assist must send their applications to uni-assist instead of their chosen university. Then, we line up behind our teacher and walk through her footsteps, so to speak, learning the basics. There are no preparatory classes at the HWR Berlin. Students with a private health insurance need proof of their insurance and additionally need an exemption of the compulsory health insurance when registering at the HWR Berlin. In Ihrem Webbrowser wurde JavaScript deaktiviert. Application Enrolment Financial aspects General information.

Global Supply Chain and Operations Management

The sufficiency ebrlin correctness of the documents will not be checked. Thesiss more about our data privacy policy. Feedback from our alumni show the value of this qualification in opening doors in a range of professional situations in the international finance industry. All information on the offered modules and lectures can be found on the online campus management system Campus4u. In Ihrem Webbrowser wurde JavaScript deaktiviert. In addition to the second semester IBMAN classes linked from the site above, you might check out the weekly blogging of students in my Themenfeld: Do I have to include an internship in my Master?


International Marketing Management English. Applying for Master degree programmes at the Department of Business and Economics.

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The winter berlim starts on 1 October and ends on 31 March. What are my chances in getting into the Master Degree Programme? When is the application period? Programmakkreditiert durch den Akkreditierungsrat.

Bachelor’s or equivalent degree, at least credit points. As it is sometimes difficult to get a visa, students can hand it in later in some cases.

master thesis hwr berlin

Programmakkreditiert mastet den Akkreditierungsrat. Students take one of the modules Performance and Reward Management or Training and Development and drop one of the three modules not related to Labour Law in the second semester. Sometimes, it appears, they win from having heard it spoken louder, or softer, with the threat of failure or the warmth of a generous care-giver. If you have studied in the higher education system a minimum of two semesters entirely in English, this can be accepted as equivalent please provide proof with your application.

The modules taught in the second semester 30 ECTS build on the insights gained in the first semester. Department of Business and Economics.

FAQs: Applying for Master Degree Programmes | HWR Berlin

Many students work during their studies. Information for prospective students. Applying for Master degree programmes at the Department of Business and Economics Applicants with a degree from a German university: Download information on the degree programme.


Graduates of this programme are qualified to perform cross-sector specialist and management tasks in nationally and internationally-active companies.

master thesis hwr berlin

All regulations, forms and documents can be found in your faculty site. Luisa — i found most of the stuff, but it takes several hours just to scan the partition and than several hours to open the relevant part and than several hours to restore some data and so far it always crushes at some point, thus… sadly i am still losing time on it.

The thing is, translating models into practice is difficult for many. Do I have to register for my courses before the semester starts? Usually the HWR Berlin does not have any capacities for transfers.

International Economics

Also a certified ranking list showing that you were among the hwe ten percent is accepted. Please provide certified copy no scan, coloured copy or pdf, but paper with original stamp or original. As the Master programmes differ a lot naster the respective universities and the courses are not offered every semester, it is very difficult to change into our programmes.

All applications that meet the general admission requirements are forwarded electronically to the universities and are then processed in the universities’ individual admissions procedures. Application procedure and deadlines.

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