This may include a minimum of one and a maximum of three projects of no more than 5 years old. If you have a recognised qualificiation and the required work experience, and you were registered in another jurisdiction at least seven years ago, please contact the NZRAB office at NZ 4 You must bring the third copy of your case study to the professional conversation for you to refer to. My parents come from art and science backgrounds, so architecture was always an option. This is to protect the contents and as a limit on length.

If you have a disability you would like the Assessors to consider during your professional conversation please detail this in the space provided on the application form and provide proof. Each copy of your case study must be provided in and not exceed an Eastlight or Colorado hard card foolscap filing box. The following details apply: Please advise us of this when submitting your application. The Registered Architects Board website maintains the registration details of all architects in New Zealand.

Project initiation and predesign Concept, preliminary and developed design stages Detailed design and documentation Administration and nzrab social work thesis statement contract works Practice management and office conduct The NZIA APL Registration programme provides seminars, and workshops throughout the year for Members on these Experience Areas.

nzrab case study requirements

For information on what’s required to present a paper-based case study, go here. Experience Areas are summarised below: Additional information is available on the professional conversation as an assessment tool.

If you wish, you may have a support person with you, although he or she may not speak during the Professional Conversation.

On-line seminars cwse important topics are also provided to members login to the members area of this website to view these. The Application Form describes: Client release letter s. An Experience Area Workshop in Auckland. That is, your case study must in total cover each of the minimum standards only once.


Nzrab case study requirements

The NZIA has designed a fun and collegial programme and is an essential step for members to take on their path to registration. During the tendering process request a full description of the prices, services and products offered by shortlisted practices. Information you need to provide To apply for registration you need to provide the following information: Pathway 1 applicants must have a recognised qualification in architecture and the required work experienceor, where they do NOT meet both nzrabb these requirements, have been individually assessed by the NZRAB, and have completed any additional study or experience required as a result.

Recording devices are not permitted in professional conversations.

nzrab case study requirements

In addition, in a separate envelope, you need to provide the following documents: This experience is documented in a case study that you submit with your registration application. The Professional Conversation takes up to three hours.

This is requuirements protect the cases and as a limit on length. For this a Guide to the Minimum Standards for Registration is available.

Becoming a Registered Architect – NZIA

Decision criteria This experience is documented in a case study that you submit with your registration application. Where more than one project is submitted, a summary sheet in tabular form must be included clearly identifying the standards covered under each project. The professional areas in which you need to demonstrate competence are called Experience Areas.

Your case study should not include standard documents requiremebts as the Standard Conditions of Contract or requirement technical literature, but should include documents specific nzrab the project s. Understand what you are requirement The scope of works can vary greatly from one designer or company to another. Members of these organisations are not able to accept any studies for using a certain product, so you will get mzrab advice based on the best option for you.


Beforehand, make sure your device can mirror image your Case Study on a monitor.

nzrab case study requirements

If you have a recognised degree in architecture and the required work experiencethen you are entitled to apply for registration as a New Zealand Architect via pathway 1. During the professional conversation you must demonstrate to the Assessment Panel that you have the appropriate experience, skills, knowledge and attitude. Skype is not of an acceptable quality in casf context.

Becoming a registered architect

Contractual responsibilities must be clean—the consultant describes design intent, and constructor responds with appropriate means xase methods. Checklist To ensure your application is complete, a Checklist needs to be filled out and included with your application. Photo by David St. You must obtain permission from the relevant clients to use their projects in your Case Study, using the Case Study Release Letter Template. The fee may be paid in the following ways:

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