People may be affected by associated health problems such as lung disease and cancers. Rocinha is the largest favela in Brazil. Therefore there is no electricity, no rubbish collection, no schools and no hospitals. Many new migrants to cities in LEDCs cannot afford housing. Often families have to share one tap, there is no sewerage provision, disease is common and many people are unemployed. Forces and Their Effects — Test it! This is caused by a variety of push and pull factors.

The Variety of Living Organisms Organism variation: Newsletter Signup Sign up for our email newsletters. Quality Developing Effective Operations: It is home to between 60, to , people though this could be more. Here new arrivals to the city build their own houses out of basic materials such as tarpaulin, scrap wood and corrugated iron. Multicellular Organisms Multicellular organisms — Remember it!

rocinha case study geography

Self-help schemes – Rocinha, Bairro Project The authorities in Rio de Janeiro have taken a number geographg steps to reduce problems in favelas.

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People may be affected by associated health problems such as lung disease and cancers. Many of these high rise apartments have 24 hour security and armed guards. Cities — London and Curitiba Water on the Land — Balanced moments and centre of mass Planetary geogrqphy and gravitational forces Moments — Remember it!


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The residents lack access to the most basic public services, such as health care, education, and space for recreation. The Kinetic Energy of Objects — Test it!

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Rocinha is the largest favela in Brazil. Rocinga is Guerrilla War? It is built on a steep hillside overlooking the city, just one km from the beach.

Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro-Favela Barrio Project

Millions of people have been forced to construct their own homes from scrap materials such as wood, corrugated iron and metals. Many are in the steep hills around the city as it is the only available land to build on within the city limits. Understanding Texts Theme What is Non-fiction? When water is polluted — by animal or human waste, geograaphy and industry — diseases like cholera and dysentery become rife.

High class residential areas are found next to the CBD and along beaches of areas such as Copacabana. The rapid growth of Rio de Janeiro’s population has led to a severe shortage of housing. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is an example of a city with a large area of shanty settlements or favelas.


Rio De Janeiro – Rocinha – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

Succession Dynamic Ecosystems — Remember it! It is located in the southern zone of the city. The Variety of Living Organisms Organism variation: Living World Gegoraphy World — Remember it! Classifying Organisms Classifying Organisms: Dynamic Ecosystems — Conservation Dynamic Ecosystems: The money saved can be spent on providing basic amenities such as electricity and water.

rocinha case study geography

Mains Electricity and Electrical Appliances — Test it! Remember it, Test it! These settlements are commonly known as ‘shanty towns’. The city cannot grow because of physical factors – there are mountains to the north and west, and sea to the south and east.

Rio De Janeiro – Rocinha

They are also called favelas Brazil or bustees India. Many wealthy people live close to the CBD.

rocinha case study geography

Poor people live inland, far from the CBD and transport networks.

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