Balanced moments and centre of mass Planetary orbiting and gravitational forces Moments — Remember it! Energy Transfer by Heating Processes — Test it! It is located in the southern zone of the city. They are located here for a number of reasons. Recruitment and Selection Developing an Effective Workforce:

However even arranging refuse collection can be difficult. This is when the local authority provide local residents with the materials needs to construct permanent accommodation. Forces and Their Effects — Test it! Many come looking for work and a better life than that available in rural Brazil. The settlements are usually very overcrowded. Some buildings are three and four stories tall and almost all houses have basic sanitation, plumbing, and electricity. Many wealthy people live close to the CBD.

Search and Destroy Patrols Vietnam: Favelas like Rocinha usually offer better standards of living than squatter camps as they have been improved over time.

Rio De Janeiro – Rocinha

Millions of people have migrated from Brazil’s rural areas to Rio de Janeiro. Squatter camps are located on areas of land which the population neither own nor rent.

rocinha case study geography

One of the largest of these is Rocinhaon the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Unpaved roads are usually present and there may be some shared toilets available. Standpipes provide running water. When there is no sanitisation the area can quickly become dangerously unclean so the authorities must try to supply basic facilities or there could be an epidemic. Three main features of a shanty town are: Methods used to generate electricity — Test it!


Succession Dynamic Ecosystems — Remember it! Therefore there is no electricity, no rubbish collection, no schools and no hospitals. Although these favelas have been improved, they still have many of the same problems as the squatter camps such as overcrowding, disease and extreme poverty.

When the air and water are polluted there are serious health implications for people living in the camps. Classifying Organisms Classifying Organisms: Favelas Rocinha favela in Rio. Opposition to the War Vietnam: The Variety of Living Organisms Organism variation: Many are in the steep hills around the city as it is the only available land to build on within the city limits.

Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro-Favela Barrio Project – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

When a major disaster occurs, such as warearthquake or syudylarge numbers of people may be forced to leave their homes and congregate on the outskirts of a city. Many of these high rise apartments have 24 hour security and armed guards. Firstly, this is the only available land to build on within the city limits.

Circular motion Moments — Turning effects, levers and stability. They are forced to build temporary accommodation in spontaneous settlements. Radioactive Substances — Test it! Rio de Janeiro is one of Brazil’s largest settlements with a population of approximately 6. Electromagnetism — Test it! Some residents may have used skills rocinna earn money.


Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro-Favela Barrio Project

Many come looking for work and a better life than that available in rural Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is an example of a city with a large gwography of shanty settlements or favelas. The local residents provide the labour.

Many have built new houses of brick and tile, and have set up their own shops and small industries to earn money.

rocinha case study geography

Residents are fearful of the risk of violence, theft, mugging, abductions and vandalism due to the high levels of unemployment and poverty in the city. These settlements are commonly known as ‘shanty towns’. Squatter camps are often built on rubbish dumps and have little or no sanitisation. Squatter camps Hundreds of immigrants arrive in Rio each day.

Some use their homes as shops, or to provide services such as hairdressers.

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