Watch the finalist videos here Swinburne University Final Winner: For more information about Swinburne, visit its website www. The 3MT competition will feature research students from various research backgrounds. A – No additional electronic media e. Extracting Signal from Noise in User Reviews.

A – Yes, quotes can be included from a poem or song if it is relevant to the presenter’s thesis topic. A – No additional electronic media e. Topics to explore About our service. Eligibility Active PhD and Professional Doctorate Research candidates who have successfully passed their confirmation milestone including candidates whose thesis is under submission by the date of their first presentation are eligible to participate in 3MT competitions at all levels, including the Asia-Pacific 3MT competition. Q – Can palm cards or speech notes be refered to during a presentation?

Building external relations for the university 3MT winners may go on to represent their university at national and international 3MT competitions which provides an excellent networking and professional development opportunity.

swinburne 3mt thesis

No slide transitions, animations or ‘movement’ of any description are allowed. Q – Who is eligible to enter the 3MT competition?

Intellectual property Grievances and 3t Forms and guidelines. Presentations are limited to 3 minutes maximum and competitors exceeding 3 minutes are disqualified. Did the presenter capture and maintain their audience’s attention?

swinburne 3mt thesis

Topics to explore About our service. We are sure many of you have learned by now, it is ewinburne handy to be prepared when faced with the inevitable “so what is your thesis about? Q – Can sound or video be used during a presentation?


More particularly, you might get asked the same question in a future job interview!

Rules The wsinburne will be a talk accompanied only by a single static PowerPoint slide. A – The Three Minute Thesis 3MT is a skills development activity that challenges Research Higher Degree students to explain their research project tuesis a non-specialist audience in just three minutes. The fastest events in the Universe Runner Up: Previous 3MT finalists have benefited from invitations to a variety of other networking events following their participation in the competition.

Mrs Gloria Stevenson blresearch deakin. Was the thesis topic, key results and research significance and outcomes communicated in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience? Three minute thesis competition. Back to Intranet events Date: Swiinburne the speaker have sufficient stage presence, eye contact and vocal range; maintain a steady pace, and have a confident stance?

So if a competitor graduates before the date of the Asia-Pacific 3MT competition they will still be eligible. Competitors whose talk exceeds three minutes will be disqualified.

Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition – Three Minute Thesis – University of Queensland

Suicide intervention Mental illness Medical emergency First Aiders First aid and medical emergencies Emergency policies Critical incidents and trauma.

A – No additional electronic media e. Building research culture in schools and institutes 3MT provides a valuable opportunity for research higher degree candidates to come together, get to know one another and talk about their research.


The 3mr is an exercise in developing academic and research communication skills. Also happening concurrently with the competition on 26 April are the Swinburne Bazaar and Night Concert on campus where visitors can enjoy a variety of local and international delicacies, as well as take part in a dance party.

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swinburne 3mt thesis

Scholarship payments Intermitting your scholarship FAQ. May 13, Competitors who are eligible on the date of their first presentation in their local competition will be considered eligible for the duration of that year’s competition. Thessis additional props e.

Swinburne Sarawak organises ‘Three-Minute Thesis’ competition

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Judging criteria Communication style: Q – How long is each 3MT presentation? Did the speaker avoid scientific jargon, explain terminology and provide adequate background information to illustrate points?

Watch the finalist videos here Swinburne University Final Winner:

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