RSV specificity was higher than that of US 0. Mean velocity in It is the ratio obtained by dividing the mean strain of the fat by the mean strain of the lesion. When abnormal stiffness is identified in a specific area of interest, values of maximum and average stiffness and standard deviation can be measured [28]. The authors concluded that the combination of the two methods may improve characterization of solid breast lesions.

Fat-lesion ratio in breast elastography. ARFI can be used in two different ways. Sensitivity and specificity were Conclusions Breast elastography has recently been subject to substantial attention as it has proven to reach an adequate specificity and a high negative predictive value in combination with US. In general, adipose tissue is more easily deformed, and fibrous tissue returns to the initial condition more slowly than adipose or muscle tissue [24].

Unlike the standard DP algorithm which discretizes the decision space displacement field and search in the space of piecewise constant functions, the proposed DP discretizes the gradient of the decision space strain field and search the space of continuous piecewise linear functions.

Clinical studies This literature review includes studies which have contributed positively to the clinical validation of the method. Published online Jun For elastgram ,the machine is turned into elastogram mode ,determination of region of interest is doneslight upward and down ward compression is done.

thesis on ultrasound elastography

Slastography Elasticity imaging is a relatively new technique for studying the stiffness of tissue. Today, two technical solutions are available for clinical use: Lobular carcinoma insitu LCIS. A popular next step is to estimate tissue strain, which gives clues into the underlying tissue elasticity modulus. The information acquired with these techniques is similar to that obtained with manual palpation which states that malignant tissues are harder than benign ones.


Evaluating cardiac function helps clinicians to diagnose and to follow the progress of HF patients.

thesis on ultrasound elastography

US elastography of breast and prostate lesions. Elastography has proven to be highly specific in the evaluation of lesions situated in various organs: Lighter shades of the base color reflect the different degrees of tissue deformability and correlate with the dynamic range of the analytical system [29].

Anatomy of the breast. The effect of age and density of the breast on the sensitivity of breast cancer diagnostic by mammography and ultrasonography.

In this dissertation both acoustic radiation force impulse ARFI and shear wave elasticity imaging SWEI ultrasound elastography techniques were studied. So that, in clinical practice, sonography practitioners preferred to use both methods in real time.

The colour code will range from red for the softest tissues to blue for the most hard. For this reason elastography by compression provides only qualitative and not quantitative information.

Cardiovascular researchers have been attempting to develop tools for assessment of cardiac function for decades. Only 14 pages are availabe for public view.

Patterns 1 and 2 were interpreted as benign and Patterns 3 and 4 as malignant. Propagation velocity and attenuation of the waves are related to the stiffness and visco-elasticity of the tissue. These measures are based on imaging and include Ejection Fraction and Doppler and ultrasound strain imaging. When abnormal stiffness is identified in a specific area of interest, values of maximum and average stiffness and standard deviation can be measured [28]. The cost function incorporates similarity of echo amplitudes and tissue continuity.


Breast elastography: A literature review

Click here to view. SWEI was used to detect the passive effect of coronary perfusion on cardiac compliance and the relationship elastograhy perfusion pressure and stiffness was characterized.

Elastography is performed in the same session of ultrasound taking about five minutes more than the conventional ultrasound examination.

Initial evaluations of these techniques in clinical trials suggest that they may substantially improve the possibility of differentiating benign from malignant breast lesions thereby limiting recourse to biopsy and considerably reducing the number of benign breast biopsy diagnoses. ARFI can be used in two different ways.

Breast elastography: A literature review

The presence of more than one of the above features, however, increases the probability that a thyroid nodule ultrxsound a malignancy. In our study we included 62 patients with different breast lesions. The proposed RSV criteria are based on visual classification of elastography images and on the measurement of Young’s modulus expressed in kPa. Strain imaging elastography is useful in the assessment of elastic tissue properties thanks to the thesjs examination time required, real-time display, immediate interpretation and limited cost, and the criteria adopted in the image interpretation have proven to be adequate in clinical practice.

thesis on ultrasound elastography

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