If a student earns a baccalaureate degree, and applies for admission to a postgraduate or professional program offered by a public institution of higher education, the institution shall consider only the GPA of the applicant established by the course work completed after enrollment under the fresh start program, along with any other criteria the institution uses in evaluating applicants for admission. Individuals who have applied for immigrant status, but who have not adjusted their status with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, also must follow the procedures below in order to obtain an I immigration form. Applicants may be attending another regionally accredited college or university and may have coursework in progress at the time of their application to UHD. A school administrator can also email your official transcript to transcripts uh. College Reading with an earned graded of C or better or completion of Freshman or Sophomore level course in one of these areas: All students must submit a non-refundable application fee or a qualifying UHD fee waiver.

PDF Version of Catalog. All UHD students may demonstrate College Readiness by initial testing or retesting or by making a C in the relevant developmental course. An applicant may be admitted without conditions or may be admitted conditionally. Copies and faxes do not satisfy this requirement. Failure to submit supporting documents will result in a delayed decision. You are responsible for registering under the proper residency classification.

When applying for a Residency Reclassification, please submit a completed and signed Residency Questionnaireand required supporting documents as listed on the questionnaire Revised Chart IV. In order to determine admissibility, the Office of Admissions will calculate your cumulative GPA for all transferable college-level courses from all schools attended.

Students with prior college experience must submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges regardless of whether college credit was earned.

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Plus and minus grades from a regionally accredited institution i. Additional documents may be required by a designated UHD College if enrollment in upper level courses is desired.


Post-baccalaureate applicants desiring to take graduate-level courses, but not seeking a graduate degree, must comply with freshma requirements of the department offering the graduate degree. In addition to these requirements, written approval from the high school principal or counselor must be provided.

Students may apply rfeshman readmission online at http: A new international student must file an application for admission with the Office of International Admissions and pay the nonrefundable application fee according to the dates listed below:. International students and U. To qualify as a transient applicant, students must apply online at applytexas. A certified English translation of feshman transcripts must be included if the originals are not in English.

Copies and faxes do not satisfy this requirement. Otherwise, students will be charged fershman health insurance as a part of their registration fees. This proof must be in the form of a letter from the insurance company or embassy and it must be submitted to the Office of International Admissions no later than the Official Day of Record which appears in the University Calendar at the front of every Registration Bulletin.

All required documents, fees, and test scores must be received by the deadline to be considered complete and eligible for consideration. New frsehman who are admitted for any semester and vreshman not register for courses within one calendar year must submit a new Apply Texas Application and non-refundable application fee to apply for any future semester.

Students who have attended other colleges or universities since last attending UHD must submit official transcripts to the Office of Admissions. First Year Common Reading.

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Turn on more accessible mode. Depending on academic standing students will need to speak with an Academic Advisor for class approval. However, students must complete at least 30 semester credit hours treshman residence at UH to complete baccalaureate degree requirements.

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If original transcripts are not in English, a certified translation must accompany the original documents. The letter must have been issued within the past six months. The application fee is good for one calendar year therefore if you are submitting an application form for a semester that falls after one calendar year you must pay the non-refundable application fee, and turn in any official documents by the posted application deadline dates see below.


Transfer applicants that are on Academic Suspension from the most recent institution attended prior to applying to UHD will not be offered admission. You may register for classes before a residency decision has been made.

If there is a question on classification, you are responsible for raising the issue with the appropriate administrative officials. Failure to submit supporting documents will result in a delayed decision. New students who have questions about residency should contact the Office of Admissions in the Welcome Center or they may submit questions to residency uh.

An applicant who is admitted with a fresh start may not receive any course credit for courses undertaken 10 or more years prior to enrollment. Students with a language proficiency score of less than the requirement may uud the English Language Institute ELI prior to beginning academic studies at the university. Each Freshman applicant must apply online with the Apply Texas Application www.

All students must submit a non-refundable application fee or a qualifying UHD fee waiver.

A transient student who wishes to remain at UHD or plans to attend in a future semester must reapply and be accepted as a transfer student. Turn off more accessible mode.

uhd freshman essay

Students who elect this program will be required to complete all developmental esay work with passing scores as well as 24 hours of core courses.

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