Y11, Summer two years before you intend to start university Do: That’s International Baccalaureate, I guess? Start working on it in the summer between years 12 and 13 if you plan to go to university straight after year Essentially, they are like a mini tutorial or supervision, where the tutors will give you a small passage to read or perhaps set a small problem and then ask you to discuss it. Self-discipline is also key, as university-level study requires you to manage your time well.

Parks said students now receive so much help — from their teachers or from websites that offer to write the statements — that universities cannot tell whether a student has written any of it. There are example tests online and your school might also be able to give you some tips on what to expect and how to prepare. For more details about the tests at Oxford, visit this page. The most notable part is that you can submit a character additional personal statement, allowing you to expand on your UCAS personal statement with Cambridge-specific details. Offered in small class sizes with great emphasis on the demands of the specification and exam technique. Show 25 25 50 All. It doesn’t necessarily mean ‘love of patient contact’, or ‘love of the involvement in patient psychology and social and cultural background’

You can now hold this offer while you wait for the other universities to respond to your application.

cambridge saq personal statement medicine

You are commenting using your WordPress. Finalise your A level options, bearing in mind that you need to achieve high grades and that Oxbridge prefer the facilitating subjects.

In all stages of your application, demonstrate how you have met the above criteria. By this stage in your application, you have been working towards Oxbridge for nearly three years but the wait is nearly over and cambrideg January, the universities will announce their decisions.

Optional additional personal statement.. |

For some courses, such as law or medicine, relevant work experience is essential. Once you have submitted your UCAS application you will be committed to your choice of college, so do your research beforehand. For more information, see our advice articles on how to write a personal statement and writing a personal statement: Students who intend to progress directly to university after school or apply for deferred entry will need to attend an Open Day in the summer of year 12, allowing them to make a decision about where to apply in advance of the UCAS deadline in October.


Roderick Smith, director of admissions at Birmingham Universitysaid his university had refused to consider “several dozen” students last year after it found out they had paid an essay mill to write their personal statements for them. If you would prefer not to choose a college you can make an open application.

Remember, a strong personal interest in the course is essential: Colleges provide academic and pastoral support and arrange small group tuition, sometimes with a tutor or supervisor from another college. Applications and personal statements should demonstrate your self-motivation in learning, your ability to plan, structure and research your work, and show that you are teachable.

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cambridge saq personal statement medicine

cambrudge Cambridge is a lot more varied than you think: The tutors just want to get an insight in to how you think, and how you apply your knowledge and skills. If you are intending to apply to university, the work begins at GCSE. If you have no preference, make an ‘open’ application.

An essential guide to successful Oxbridge applications | The dos and don’ts

References from teachers do not count for much either, Parks added. GCSE is very stqtement to A level and as you progress to university, what you learn and how you learn it will differ enormously again.

The qualities looked for include your ability and motivation to go beyond what is required for your current studies. We provide information for all of the key parts statemrnt university research — including accommodation, fees and sport — to help students make the right choice.


Relate these to the skills required on your course. Parks said students now receive so much help — from their teachers or from websites that offer to write the statements — that universities cmbridge tell whether a student has written any of it.

Self-discipline is also key, as university-level study requires you to manage your time well.

What is the Cambridge SAQ?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sign up to our monthly e-update for hints and tips on your university application, direct to your inbox. Applicants must be registered well in peersonal for tests by their assessment centre. These also have particular sections for certain disciplines such as law, healthcare, technology and politics.

Your performance at interview alone does not determine whether you get offered a place; a variety of factors are considered, as outlined above. This can be a great advantage in attracting applicants as their reputation certainly precedes them.

Oxford and Cambridge courses tend to be traditional academic courses, with a strong emphasis on personalised teaching through small-group tuition. This means that you may be interviewed by more than one college and you may receive an offer from a different college than applied to. You need to read widely and in-depth.

cambridge saq personal statement medicine

Hopefully this article will have provided prospective Oxbridge applicants with the information they need to put together the strongest possible application.

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