Four weeks, March-April This short field school is an intensive training program on Egyptian archaeology, significant emphasis on training in this multi-disciplinary archaeological Project. I am seeking the opportunity to implement and expand my knowledge which I have earned from my previous studies and also would like to devote myself for participating and learning more. Siles 3 Elective Molecular biology of infectious diseases F. My subject matter of training was manufacturing process, quality control and packaging of pharmaceutical preparations. General Skills Handling scientific literature and documents in English. He is also author of more than thirty papers, conferences and talks which have been presented in different scientific meetings and congresses.

International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. Bubble formation in a planar water-air-water jet: Bubbling and jetting regimes in planar coflowing air-water sheets. Stability effects of base cavities on the wakes of slender blunt-based axisymmetric bodies. Bullejos 3 Compulsory Proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics and systems biology J. Global mode analysis of axisymmetric bluff-body wakes:

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Rahmatullah Professor Dean Dept. Students will learn about the history of Ancient Egypt, especially during the Old and Middle Kingdom BCdates on which the Qubbet el – Hawa site was used as a necropolis of the provincial elite. Laminar flow past a spinning bullet-shaped body at moderate angular velocities.

Afternoon schedule, from 15,30 to 21,30 h, with some lab practice and seminars in the morning. Want to visit countries before I die.


At the end, students receive a certification. University of California, San Diego. Three-dimensional numerical simulations of a bubble rising in an unbounded weakly viscous fluid. Selected as District International Service Director for sessions.

Carlos Martínez Bazán « Fluid Mechanics Research Group – TEP

Experimental, Thermal and Fluid Sciences, Vol. Help Center Find new research papers in: Modal and non-modal evolution of perturbations for parallel round jets. Work for underprivileged and dropout children.

Numerical simulation of a bubble rising in still liquids: Click here to sign up. This short field school is an intensive training program on Egyptian archaeology, significant emphasis on training in this multi-disciplinary archaeological Project.

José Miguel Delgado Barrado | University of Jaen –

Ability to conduct human karyotypes and to diagnose the most common chromosomal changes. Lectures will be given in Spanish.

curriculum vitae ujaen

Fluids, 18, Help Center Find new research papers in: Physics of Fluids, Vol. At University of Development Alternative, I was selected as the representative of our batch to the University student ujzen. In these subjects, tutorial support sessions, materials and exams will be given in English. Considerations on bubble fragmentation models. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

At Malaga I was supported by a Spanish Government fellowship for 4 years to investigate theoretical aspects of hyperconcentrated free surface flows. The teaching is theoretical-practical and in person.


Archaeological Field School in Egypt (Qubbet el – Hawa, Aswan)

Wake instability of a fixed axisymmetric bubble of realistic shape. Only Postgraduates, graduates, graduates, engineers, architects who have completed their studies. Hydraulics and Open Channel Flow.

curriculum vitae ujaen

At this moment, he is developing several research projects about the social elites: As an essential requirement it will be necessary currjculum be in possession of level B1 of English. Analysis of the sub cellular distribution of long-chain non-coding RNAs in the proepicardium and design of gene silencing strategies at the Cell biology lab under the supervision of Professor Diego Franco Jaime, Department of Experimental Biology, University of Jaen, Spain.

Antonio Caruz Arcos Vocal: The use of Volume of Fluid technique to analyze multiphase flows: In particular, he studies bubble formation from an underwater nozzle with and without liquid co-flow, and the bubble rising, analyzing the relation between the bubble shape, path and wake. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol.

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