It is in this discipleship process that God impacts lives. Jesus also tells the apostles that if they are not welcomed into a town they must shake its dust of their feet when they leave it V Along side the negative examples of the disciples, these minor characters help in the readers’ self-evaluation. Have you still no faith? Above all else, they show the disciples’ lack of understanding as to who Jesus is. To take up the cross is probably the most challenging command from Jesus. After all, he could be recording a historical account of the disciples actions, both good and bad, with no attempt to portray them as perfect saints, when in fact they were not.

The readers are again compelled to embark on self-evaluation during these three passion predictions. They must learn about their commitment and their role in the life of the church. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. When a person was entering Jerusalem with a camel and goods they would first have to unload the goods from the camels back so it could pass through the gate. Next, Gethsemane shows the final failure of the disciples to accept the way of suffering. D and added to the Gospel soon after.

They must learn about their commitment and their role in the life of the church. Although Mark wrote specifically to the early church, believers today can also benefit from the lessons on Jesus’ divinity, suffering, servanthood, and devotion.

These verses are a good example of how the disciples performed discipleship because Jesus is again telling. He told them that to be a disciple required not only learning from him but from his example. Why did Mark Delegitimize the disciples?

discipleship in marks gospel essay

Jesus also tells the apostles that if they are not welcomed into a town they must shake its dust of their feet when they leave it V Jesus is the head of this new family and it takes the place, many times, of our natural family order.


They were crucial to all Jesus had come to do. Jesus called to himself those who seemed to be disqualified from the necessary qualifications for fellowship with him Mk. In conclusion to this, one can see that there are many different perspectives, each of which have value.

This is often difficult when in society there are those around us who have rejected all types of religion, do not believe in an afterlife and instead spend their time building up their wealth and material processions.

The Sociology of Early Palestinian Christianity. Turning away from sin disciipleship a new beginning is.

Others believe that they can serve Christ in their daily lives as laity, passing on the Good Diacipleship to those they meet. In this disciplesbip we see Jesus give the disciples the Great Commision. Get inspired and start your paper now! In a way, we are all on a journey to fulfilment and the road must be travelled markx day. If they have made the decision to have their baby baptised, I think they will usually teach he or she about discipleship and the qualities of it as they grow up.

Disciples of Jesus today try to continue to witness to the values of the Kingdom and practise their discipleship just like the first disciples. It is the cross, not crown He will take up.

Discipleship In Mark’s Gospel Essay

But then, the gospels clearly reveal that there were women followers. Some of the first Christians, were called to give their lives for the faith, few Christians are called upon to do this now but can witness to their faith through their work and relationships.


discipleship in marks gospel essay

The Mission of Jesus Christ in the world depends on the willingness of ordinary Christians to devote their resources, time, energy and money to Christ. His main vehicle of instruction is the disciples.

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Discipleship can involve suffering, rejection and death. James and John are not asking for positions of glory as they suppose but positions of death and suffering beside Jesus on the cross. The shortest of the three Synoptic Gospels verses as compared to 1, in Mt and 1, in Lkthe Gospel of Mark was probably the first of the three to be written, and Matthew and Luke made use of it as a major source in composing their own. The last failure is Peter’s denial of Jesus, As soon as Jesus saw them, he called them; they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired men and went with Jesus.

The Gospel of Mark: The rich man was not able to do this, as he was not prepared to give every thing away for God and for him to receive eternal life v All believers in Christ are disciples.

discipleship in marks gospel essay

He also realised that his life would be made difficult for those who believed he was the Messiah sent by God. Throughout the gospel Mark records direct interactions between Jesus and his followers from their initial calling all the way through His passion and resurrection.

Myers, Binding the Strong Man:

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