Khan drew flaks from the Muslim clerics as he wrote about rational and liberal interpretations of Islamic scriptures. In India, Sir Syed is commemorated as a pioneer who worked for the socio-political upliftment of Indian Muslims. Muslim students will have a uniform consisting of a black alpaca, half-sleeved chugha and a red Fez cap Having completed a course in Persian and Arabic, he took to the study of mathematics, which was a favorite subject of the maternal side of his family. Sir Syed Ahmed Recovered. The Indian Historical Review, Delhi. His elder brother founded the city’s first printing press in the Urdu language along with the journal Sayyad-ul-Akbar.

He worked tirelessly to restore relations between the Muslims and the British. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He advocated Urdu as the uniform language for all Indian Muslims. This work earned him the reputation of a cultured scholar. Sir Syed was personally affected by the violence and the ending of the Mughal dynasty amongst many other long-standing kingdoms. He read the works of Muslim scholars and writers such as Sahbai, Rumi and Ghalib. Sir Syed Ahmed Recovered.

essay on sir syed ahmed khan with headings

Syed Ahmed Khan at Wikipedia’s sister projects. The Indian Historical Review, Delhi. Sir Syed was personally affected by the violence and the ending of the Mughal dynasty amongst many other long-standing kingdoms.

essay on sir syed ahmed khan with headings

Sir Syed is known as the founder of Two-Nation Theory in the modern era. He did not attend the East India Company College which did not grant degrees.

Are they Bound in Conscience to Rebel Against the Queen in which he concluded that their duty of jihad against non-Muslims compelled them to do so In a review of the report, Sir Syed argued that Muslims in India had no justification to rebel against the British, since they enjoyed their aman protection.


The New Indian Express. The status of University was given to the college after the death of Sir Syed in Although he succeeded in rescuing his mother from the turmoil, she died in Meerutowing to the privations she had experienced. He became a leading Muslim voice opposing the adoption of Hindi as a second official language of the United Provinces now Uttar Pradesh. Then we ought to unite with that nation with whom we can unite. Committed to working for the upliftment of Muslims, Sir Syed founded a modern madrassa in Muradabad in ; this was one of the first religious schools to impart scientific education.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan | The greatest Muslim reformer and statesman of the 19th Century.

The Society held annual conferences, disbursed funds for educational causes and regularly published a journal on scientific subjects in English and Urdu. Sir Syed was taught to read and understand the Qur’an by a female tutor, which was unusual at the time.

Battling illnesses and old age, Sir Syed died on March 27 During the Indian Rebellion ofhe remained, loyal to the British Empire and was noted for his actions in saving European lives.

Sir William Muir, with whom Sir Sayid enjoyed a personal friendship despite the formers negative view of Islam, was appointed official Visitor of the College. Other tutors instructed him in mathematics, astronomy and Islamic jurisprudence. Retrieved 27 October The Aligarh Movement motivated the Muslims to help open a number of educational institutions.

When the government of India had the book translated and presented before the Council, Lord Canning, the governor-general, and Sir Bartle Frere accepted it as a sincere and friendly report. Their mother Azis-un-Nisa played a formative role in Sir Syed’s life, raising him with rigid discipline with a strong emphasis on education. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. At first, Beadon was not convinced and asked Sir Syed over and over again if he was sure that no other copy had been distributed in India.


Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Biography

,han Syed received his education under the old system. He looked both Hindus and Muslims with the same eyes. He established several schools and among them the Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College which later developed into the Aligarh Muslim University is prominent.

Maulana Qasim Nanautawi wrote directly to Sir Syed as well, explaining him some of his “noteworthy” mistakes. He opposed ignorance, superstitions and evil customs prevalent in Indian Muslim society.

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He expired the same evening in the house of Haji Ismail Khan, where he had been shifted 10 or 12 days earlier. Sir Syed wkth also adept at swimming, wrestling, and other sports.

Since no other member of the Council agreed with his opinion, his attack did no harm. At present it is like a day dream. Islam in Global History. Even such a word as a “liar” will be treated as an abuse to be prohibited.

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