Based on your zodiac sign, this is how you can stay happy in your life. I think urbanisation has also contributed towards the befall of our culture. It is the responsibility of parents to inherit the same and for this it is very necessary that parents should also be well versed with Indian culture and traditions. Impact of western culture on india. Children want to be modern to keep their respect high. Impact of Westernization on Indian Culture.

Join or form the organizations that help you preserve and protect your culture. Impact of western culture on india Essay Essay Topic: Whenever anything Indian is talked about there is an attitude of derision for it, even in the highest echelons of society. Make the proper and benevolent images to worship where and when it is helpful. Western culture is also called European civilization, Western civilization or Western lifestyle. Thus, Brahmins are, in a sense, running away from the lower groups who are trying to catch up with them.

The culture of India is been disappearing by many ways… the youths in India do not respect their elders, the families om India live separate… And thus have lost contacts with their other relatives….

Essay on Westernisation in India ( Words)

We will write a custom sample essay on Impact of western culture on india specifically for you. What can one infer after reading the above lines? They totally get involved in style and want to look trendy. This does not mean that esday is compartmentalisation. This volume of change is not understandable. In some places, westermisation are reported to imitate the customs of caste Hindus. On the other hand, many Thakurs migrated to cities and became industrial workers, clerks and teachers, taking on in their dress and manner and in their religious outlook, what may be called a more westernised form of Hinduism.


India is known by her people. Unite with other organizations, groups, or village westerniisation who have similar interests and concerns for cultural preservation, and share information and support with other groups.

Where our Indian Culture is Going Towards? God of war- Kartikeya. They find themselves in crutches to be taken care by others.

Essay on the Impact of Western Culture on India

This much influence essya not only unwarranted but also shameful. Srinivas has not made this explicit. In this information age people are too busy to care for others. To find western impact on India we do not have to go far to seek. No doubt the western culture is versatile and teaches self-dependence, but this does not mean that we should forget our culture and blindly follow the westerners.

essay on westernisation of indian culture

The young ones try to act the same as these actors do which is very bad to the culture of India…. Even in history, we come across various incidents where westernixation youth took the lead to bring about a change and get India independence from the British rule.

Do’s and Don’ts of cleaning copper products. Why should we do so? And Singer accepts this fact Western esssay has brought with it the seeds of selfishness in the minds of Indian.

essay on westernisation of indian culture

It would be more profitable to treat it as a bundle of concepts than as a single concept. Cultture and enjoy your festivals, and know and discuss the meaning of them so they are not lost, and be willing to share the beauty and joy of them with all others. However, the sad part westernisatiob this system is that, the schools that lay more stress on Hindi, or use the Hindi Medium of instruction, are known to be second rate schools. Western culture is not altogether bad, although it has made our life faster but enhanced the technology has also made our life easier and comfortable.


Essay on Westernisation in India (1600 Words)

We’ll occasionally send you culfure related and promo emails. Some of the citizens of the nation are supporting the western culture by saying that without the western culture no country will become developed. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. The height of it all is seen when see that, a person who can communicate in English is known to be smarter than a person who cannot. Westernization has greatly affected our traditions, customs, our family and our respect and love for others.

Impact of Westernization on Indian Culture. The Indian morning which used to begin with bhajans and kirtans now begins with the rock of Metallica and the punk of Greenday. It is very useful to me.

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