Check back for cancellations or book ahead. Suggest a seminar or workshop topic: These are within the discretion of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies, but may include failure of a course or a grade of zero on an assignment, without the privilege of resubmitting it. August 31st; Summer Day marks: To Register for Seminars:

Students are fully responsible for submission of essays. These are within the discretion of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies, but may include failure of a course or a grade of zero on an assignment, without the privilege of resubmitting it. Students may see their instructors at other times by appointment. Winter Seminar Schedule. A formal request to appeal a grade at the departmental level must be made in writing; electronic forms are available from the English Undergraduate Affairs Coordinator, Shelli Hunter shelli. A request for a change in grade will have one of three results:

The first stage of the process is a discussion with the teaching assistant if applicableand then with the instructor of the course; the appeal must be made within three weeks of the date on which the assignment was returned to the class.

The examination may take a variety of forms.

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To Register for Seminars: This seminar demystifies this critical element of academic writing and demonstrates how to communicate the purpose of your paper clearly and concisely. If an instructor is unavailable for an extended period of time the request for relief will proceed.

For assignments, the student must submit the original work, but should also submit a clean copy for the second reader.

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The instructor for each section of each undergraduate English course will provide an explanation of the nature of the term work to students in printed form within the first three weeks of the term. There will be no more than one formal test in any particular essay course excluding the final examination without a proportionate reduction in the amount of written work. To receive the Certificate, attend four Writing Support Centre seminars.


Winter Seminar Schedule Seminar Topics: If students are not satisfied, they should take the complaint to the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.

Student Information – Department of English and Writing Studies – Western University

esasy A reasonable and conscientious effort is all that is required. The following is a statement on prerequisites which has been mandated by the UWO Senate:. See Western Calendar, pp.

essay writing uwo

Once the department has taken jurisdiction in a request for relief, it cannot return to the instructor. Instructors will not accept assignments submitted by e-mail unless specifically arranged. Students may request academic relief with respect to grades on essays, tests, or final examinations. Home Undergrads Writing Seminars and Workshops. August 31st; Summer Day marks: Academic accommodation cannot be granted by the instructor or department.

If students have any doubts about the documentation of their own essays, they should see the instructor before the essays are due. To activate your Co-Curricular Record you must first sign up at myexperience. Deadlines for requests for academic relief against a final grade in a course are as follows: After two No-Shows, students will not be able to book an appointment until the following term.

To get credit you must wriiting four Seminars. With esssy of the uuwo, a student may rewrite one essay in the first term to improve a mark. This regulation does not preclude the administration of surprise assignments and quizzes, as long as the total number, approximate frequency, and value of such assignments are specified in the course outline.


Our seminars address approaches to common writing assignments, discipline specific writing, and issues easay grammar and style.

We offer free one-to-one sessions to all members of Western’s community. This does not contravene the Senate deadlines given below; the grievance must be filed within the appropriate time limit.

A grade on which any two of these three people the instructor, the second reader and the Chair of Undergraduate Studies agree will become the final grade for the assignment. The absence of a response from the instructor within two weeks during the fall and winter terms will be taken as agreement that jurisdiction in the matter has moved to the departmental level.

In courses with more than one section, the final examination may be common to all sections, but instructors have the option of setting individual examinations.

essay writing uwo

Undergraduate Why Study English? The full policy is set out here. Summer Academic Writing Clinic. Assignments will normally be returned to the student within three weeks of their submission.

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