Log In Sign Up. Maps are prepared by experienced editors at Harvard Business Publishing and suggest several cases for each chapter. It hires people who are highly customer oriented. Will Apple continue to thrive without its renowned leader? Measuring performance according to return on assets, the authors recognized that the choices these top companies made were consistent with 3 seemingly elementary rules.

The company was initially a made to order smoothie company. Help Center Find new research papers in: Customer Service outside the U. Log In Sign Up. Josh Sarver Design Brief.

Tragically, in the recently retired Jobs died from cancer.

jamba juice case study strategic management

Why America Needs a Manufacturing Renaissance Authors Gary Pisano and Willy Shih show the disastrous consequences of years of poor sourcing decisions and underinvestment in manufacturing capabilities. Authors Michael Porter and Mark Kramer advise managers to pioneer innovations that create distinctive value for the company and society.

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It is also what the company tried to communicate through its marketing strategy. Many video supplements are accompanied by a Teaching Note. Measuring performance according to return on assets, the authors recognized that the choices these top companies made were consistent with 3 seemingly elementary rules. Such techniques can prove highly effective at expanding the customer base. This updated version combines the proven learning objectives and story line of the original with an updated user experience and enhanced administrative features.

Seeing this the company set some new goals for itself.


Jamba Juice case Analysis

The company achieved this success with a distinctive small-format strategy as well as a unique culture and approach to cwse resources. Log In Sign Up. Businesses cannot afford to spend months crafting a single long-term strategy; they need a portfolio of multiple transient advantages that can managemfnt built quickly and abandoned just as rapidly. This article outlines how to identify core competencies in an organization, especially the capacity to coordinate diverse production skills and integrate streams of technologies.

This chapter examines the 3 commodity traps of deterioration, proliferation, and escalation that affect so many companies. This 2-part case presents the various strategic options the CEO is considering. This multimedia case is a stand-alone version of the related print case Most important factor is the emotional connection between Jamba and its customers.

Playing the role of Microsoft or Intel, students determine release schedules and pricing. Prices subject to change without notice. While Jamba Juice has performed relatively well as compared to the other brands in the smoothie industry, its competitors are also in a strong position. Jamba has formulated a strategy that focuses on expanding the existing markets as well as acquiring new customers.

Instratetic second phase of growth came when the CEO of the company James White called for more initiatives. The main strategy Jamba followed in this highly competitive environment is that it positioned its products as a healthy alternative to those from the other brands.

Both firms modify their bottling, pricing, and brand strategies. While some opportunities may have great rewards hidden in them, there is also a very high chance of unexpected risks. After a few years, it decided to expand their range of selling and not only focus on juices but also on food that could go with it such as cheesy pretzels or Pizza Swirl. The staff are well trained to provide great customer service.


Moreover, the quality of customer service also decides the frequency of customer visits and affects sales directly. Skip to main content.

The brand is trying to differentiate further. From Beating the Commodity Trap: An Agenda for Developing and Executing Strategy in Emerging Markets In this chapter, experts Tarun Khanna and Krishna Palepu provide a brief overview of their unique framework for developing and deploying strategies that fit emerging markets.

jamba juice case study strategic management

All simulations include a detailed Teaching Note. I have studied Marketing and English Literature and like to write on topics in Business management, Marketing, literature, latest technologies and other areas. It hires people who manage,ent highly customer oriented.

Author Niraj Dawar examines the global nature of this downstream shift and its profound implications for strategy and organizations.

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