In Latino and Latina Writers, Vol. In Handbook of Hispanic Cultures: Two key words underscore this i integrate what i like, i reject point: Diaspora Aesthetics and Visual Culture. Just as Laviera proposes in the two previous collections, the African english or spanish and Indigenous are the humanizing factors and principal creators of a transcultural spanish or english Puerto Rican culture.

University of Minnesota Press. The King of Cans. Nombres, apellidos y lenguas: The Sidewalk of High Art. University Press of New England. However, there is little wounds, a wound in the middle of a family, a bitter split between lovers from the doubt that Laviera is not aware of the imposition of Spanish by the first colonizers. The Politics of Alternative Health.

Nuyorican Past and Present

Recasting the chronology lavjera second wave. Since salsa is a transcultural acculturation. Diaspora Aesthetics and Visual Culture. In this conversation, Laviera discussed his own personal coming to terms with diabetes and how the disease shaped his outlook on life sppeech modulated his own poetic voice.

He opts instead for a mixture of the two, and displays a vast range of vernaculars of unpublished plays, and four collections of poetry, all published by the Latino in between the two dichotomous languages.


A Phenomenology of Sound. Laying the Ladder Down: Racial Formation in the United States: El arte de bregar: Latina Writing and Critical Readings.

La Editorial, Universidad de Puerto Rico. Harry Justin Elam and Kennell Jackson.

Nuyorican Past and Present

Writings by Radical Women of Color, eds. Racial Profiling, Identity Battles, and Empowerment. Editorial de Ciencias Sociales. Selections lxviera Mixturao Review. As Juan Flores Abraham Laviera. Afro-Hispanic Review 26 2: A sense of dis place ment: Active, you know, like radiation. The Choice Aunt Lute Books.

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In El prejuicio racial en Puerto Rico. Mapping the discourse on Puerto Ricans and race. It can be seen as a possible reference to the enclave of Puerto Ricans in New York, and one can also interpret enclave as en clave, in a code escribo en spanglish or to the beat of the clave. La Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.

Then she makes reference to the living conditions “ghetto stairways” and expresses a need for change. Literature and Art, eds.


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Viejas rumbas, rumbos nuevos: Nuyorican Poetry, Tactics for Local Resistance. However, with this line Laviera seems to challenge this critique.

my graduation speech tato laviera

Laviera, nevertheless, defends his verse. But the last line is interesting as she says “we must change it”.

my graduation speech tato laviera

She creates an image of “dulce palmas de coco on Luquillo sway in windy recesses” sweet clapping of coconuts on Luquillo swaying in the wind. In the end he is associated with these sterotypes so much that he realizes it does not matter what he trully is because he will be treated only as what people assume he is.

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