You know that all dice have six sides, and all cubes have six sides. The piggy bank contains only dimes and quarters. Questions adapted from the Praxis Exam at https: He suggests that the group talk about other things besides the problem in front of them. The pages that follow will show groups of performance indicators, give you some samples problems and offer some advice on how to learn this content if you are having difficulty. Place Value Remember where the digits are and what they are worth. The student only showed describe limited work in relation to what should have been shown.

A C B D All the letters of the alphabet are written on plastic discs and placed in a bag. You are Expected to use the calculator for this. The indicators related to Part 5 apply to the extended response essay question on the Mathematics part of the Multi-Subject Content Specialty Test. Here are links to more resources! When you are trying to convert a word problem to a symbolic equation it is best to follow it Word for symbol. For an Annenburg session on ordering fractions click here. Which of the following is the best approximation of the length of the diagonal?

What if your answer was not correct? A function of the form.

nystce multi subject cst essay questions

Using the letters F, S, and T, which of the following choices best represents the height order of these three people? Helps the student see that they missed adding up some of the sides of this shape. You can watch video and practice identifying children’s thinking here. Here are two examples of multi-step fraction problems. What is the most likely length of the line on the map for the distance the car will travel in 90 minutes?


Slope is rise over run or change in the y coordinates over Change in the x- coordinates So it looks like the first 3 terms have the relationship of x2 but how do you figure out the tenth term? If he has a third of the amount needed to purchase a discount phone card, how much does a phone card cost?

Which of the following is an accurate statement about this sphere if the formula for the volume of a sphere is and the formula for the area of a circle is? You might want to plan on four paragraphs, one for each bullet point above with at least two specific pieces of evidence in each paragraph for the first two bullets and very specific interventions and strategies for the last two bullets.

For this question, you will receive background information about a specific class and the Common Core Learning Standard that they are working with. Why is he teacher using this approach? The corresponding Common Core State Standards are listed above the performance indicators.

At sea level, sound travels about 34, centimeters per second, while light travels almost instantaneously.

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Which of the following statements by the teacher is most likely to help the student? We came back to share our responses: For a lesson on how to find domain and range of a function click here. You are Expected to use the calculator for this. F is les than both T and S but what is the relationship of T and S.


It is usually a letter like x or y. Multiplyby 60 C. These points are all on the same line, find the csy term?

Part Two: Mathematics

The circle occurs when you are cutting parallel to the base and an oval or ellipse occurs when you are cutting on an angle. What is the most likely length of the line on the map for the distance the car will travel in 90 minutes? But what is a very close approximation for the. If a fourth student rolled the cube 75 times, based on these experimental data, approximately how many times can the cube be expected to land with blue on top?

Teacher Note Derek is a student in a fourth-grade mathematics class. Submect buttons are a little bit lower. If you are not sure and need to use fraction multiplication to be sure then. The two shapes below are said to be similar.

nystce multi subject cst essay questions

What if your answer was not correct? If these inequalities are NOT true, you do not have a triangle! Click on Slideshow Activity for solution.

Engineers use the product of the water displaced as a part of their calculations.

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