Students should use their new algorithm to play against each other. They also have the opportunity to practice collaboratively writing programs using for loops, while loops, and turtle graphics. You were born around , and are in high school now. Week 26 to 29 Chapter 9 8. The document in the Lesson Resources folder called “Commercial Python Project” is a project designed to give students Python coding practice and allow them to explore more about the “Internet of Things” by creating their own product commercial template.

Write a reflection on the homework from last class to write code to introduce yourself. Digital images can be created by generating pixel patterns, manipulating existing digital images, or combining images. Have the students alter the code to perform the listed tasks. As soon as students complete their post it notes, have them choose their role by placing the post it notes next to the device name. Acceptable formats are mp3, mp4, wmv, avi, mov, wav or aif. Students should be focused on the artifact.

Through activities that soolving number sense, they understand the order of the counting numbers and their relative magnitudes. Teachers can instruct students in selecting one or more short essay responses for students to answer, based on teacher preferences and time allotments. Data can be compressed to take up less storage room and transmission time and, at the core, the entire system is made up of simple circuits that work with binary information that flows at an incredible speed all around the world.

This is the summative unit assessment for Unit 1 – Your Virtual World. ;roblem play is improvisational with Hosts requesting whichever pages they want.


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How can computing and the use of computational tools foster creative expression? They must also be able to use spreadsheet software to calculate the statistics and to create histograms. Share ideas from the students’ concept maps. Activity 1 could be assigned as homework from the day before as a step into this lesson to allow more time in class for the other readings:.

What kinds of communication does the Internet make possible?

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

If you have two light switches connected to two different lights in the same roomhow many values can you represent? This could be done as a placemat activity. elapssed

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Numbers represented in more than the beauty and order in times commanded men to represent an amount that one way to help us accurate and orderly as count, measure, and recordhelps us order and compare understand the variety of God planned.

Guiding the students toward understanding that the number of switches determines how many numbers can be represented.

What problems did you encounter? Students will have 10 minutes tomorrow to prepare to make a presentation to the resto of the class. Students will identify potential cybersecurity concerns in systems built on the Internet. Present a diagram that shows dlapsed view of the encryption and decryption process see The Code Bookp. Below are suggested numbers of actors per role for two class sizes.

Make Ten and Ones apply addition and subtraction properties to 6. Take Apart Three-Dimensional Shapes pp.

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Outcomes Students will play tic-tac-toe using a specific algorithm. Print out “Relative Measure Word Strips to cut” papers and “Measure Quantity Word Strips to cut” papers in the Lesson Resources folder and cut them into strips to give to students for the activity. On your home computer, see how vulnerable you are to malware and identity theft:.


Tens and Ones to 1. Have each student point to the student that follows them to form a linked list as they come to the front. Students will give examples of how their activity online is tracked and how the knowledge of them is used to taylor the results and the possible repercussions.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

A version of this worksheet can be found in the Lesson Resources folder, titled “Swap to the Top”. Solvijg reasons for storing and communicating secret messages.

Did this lesson help you comprehend the concept of the Internet as an entity that is comprised of both people users and objects or machines? How often does the action happen?

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Writing responses to questions posed on “Practice Explore Task Response Document” and creating artifact. Question can be provided to students through a variety of formats including production of a Google form or using student response systems. Students that have mastered the conversion techniques can peer-tutor students [one-on-one] that are having difficulty solving the conversions.

This curriculum provides a variety of opportunities for students to develop the skills that they will need to perform well in the Performance Tasks. Select a recent innovation – something recently in the news.

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