Topic registration This section features the form for topic registration, deadlines and regulations regarding the topic registration. Entire site Library Employee directory Close. We also developed a chemical biology approach to inhibiting the RNA silencing pathway in human cells with p19 and small molecules. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The student must be registered for each terms to make the revisions.

Entire site Library Employee directory Close. If successful, this research will lead to more sensitive clinical diagnosis techniques and likely the development of specific, reservoir cell targeted HIV therapies. Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology. Students who wish to know their status at this stage must log in to the Candidate Center uoZone. New thesis regulation The new thesis regulation is effective since October 1, Multiple tools about time organization and management, useful tips for writing and links to other resources. Danny is a Master’s student in Dr.

Ask a librarian Email: The two individual degree granting programs and the collaborative programs are each administered by a separate Graduate Studies Committee. He as identify vanadium-based thesks inhibitors as potentiators of oncolytic virotherapy, which subverts the antiviral type I IFN response towards a death-inducing and proinflammatory type II IFN response.

Submission and evaluation

More precisely, Thfsis is characterizing the immune response including T-cell and APC activation and infiltration to these immune-stimulating vaccines to elucidate how to overcome tumor-mediated immune suppression and enhance the efficacy of these promising vaccines in more difficult-to-treat models of cancer.

Note that bni examiner’s comments are also considered when a student is recommended for a prize. Entire site Library Employee directory Close. The unique properties of the p19 protein make it an ideal platform for sequestering, modulating, and delivering small RNA molecules, giving us new strategies for understanding and modulating the role of small RNAs in biology, thereby increasing their therapeutic potential.

Statement of the thesis supervisor The supervisor acknowledges having examined the thesis and propose to submit it to the jury. Future students Apply for undergraduate studies This is uOttawa Understanding your program of study Admission deadlines and available programs Admission requirements Track your application uoZone Events for future students Information for guidance counsellors Graduate studies Steps to apply Finding a thesis supervisor Admission equivalencies Apply for graduate studies Track your application Francophonie and Bilingualism — uniquely uOttawa Campus tours Common Law Uottaaw Faculty of Medicine Admissions Participate in an exchange program at uOttawa Course enrolment Planning your finances Tuition fees and other costs Financial tyesis and awards — undergraduate Financial aid and awards — graduate Estimate costs for international students Pay your fees Housing Thedis plans.


Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

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Visit the Faculty of Education website. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Many thwsis these mutations alter channel gating kinetics leading to an abnormal neuromuscular response, muscle weakness, and in severe cases death. In spite of developments in therapeutics, there has been no success in the development of a vaccine or cure.

uottawa bmi thesis

It is therefore hottawa important for examiners to write relevant comments. For that purpose, macrophages were infected with Salmonella Typhimurium.

Most recently, as Vice President Communications I have had the opportunity to be our public voice and outreach through managing our social media accounts as well as being part of our departmental communications action committee.

uottawa bmi thesis

The test of whether or not there is a conflict of interest is whether a reasonable outside person ghesis consider a situation to exist that could give rise to a potential for bias. While this project is HIV focused, we have already illustrated that this technique has huge potential along other avenues, such as vaccine validations.

The award winners are: For information regarding this graduate page, please contact grad.

New thesis regulation The new thesis regulation is effective since October 1, BMI Graduate program excellence awards Both the Biochemistry and the Microbiology and Immunology graduate programs offer awards to recognize the outstanding achievements of our graduate students.


The aim of my project is to elucidate the allosteric mechanisms by which these amino acid substitutions lead to altered gating. Entire site Library Employee directory Close. For more information about graduate studies at the University of Ottawa, please refer to your academic unit.

uottawa bmi thesis

If the student misses this date, there are financial and possibly other consequences. Thesis Defences – Archives. It is important that the student submits the final draft to his or her thesis supervisor sufficiently early in the term.

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When submitting a thesis for evaluation, the student must be enroled. Jump to Main Content Jump to Navigation. Daniel Figeys, Chair of the Department, presented these awards which have been designed to reward recent success and innovation by faculty and students. In this position, he organizes academic and networking opportunities for graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine to learn about careers in and out of academia, and ways that they can use their graduate degree.

If successful, this research will lead to more sensitive clinical diagnosis techniques and likely the development of specific, reservoir cell targeted HIV therapies.

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